Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Another one from my Sister-in-laws collection.

Let's call this one "The Haunted Piper". The eyes are just creepy and he has no hair. He's standing on top of the heater control, which means his tiny, or should I say "wee"?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



My thoughts are going out to my friends that live in the NYC and Boston area. How many inches/feet of snow are you getting? We lived in Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio and I do not miss the snow. Down here in south Georgia it's a warm 60 degrees.


 I don't even need a jacket today.  And the outdoor plants are fine.

 My skirt can do this! Old (not vintage) Bo-ho skirt from Lane Bryant,  long in front cardigan from Nordstrom's Rack, boots are from Payless, the Prada bag is from the Salvation Army.

Nice, uh? It really was $2.50 from the Salvation Army and it's a total knock-off. The label says "Made in China". Hey, at least it's honest. As a rule, I won't buy a knock-off new, but if it's at the thrift store I don't care. Somebody else broke the law. That doesn't sound too flip, does it? Any thoughts on buying knock-off?

Friday, January 23, 2015



About this time last year, I sort of made a vow not to buy much because of the house being for sale, moving, ect. I only spent $454.25 on clothes. This year, the hell with it, I'm back to normal.

I've always wanted one of these, but pay full price? I don't think so.


 Found a almost new pasta marker at a little charity shop in Tallahassee for $4.99. So far I made one batch of homemade  pasta and it came out perfect! Yum!

 Past up this beautiful piece of art? No way! She's only 5x3.

 I've never heard of this before. It would have been rude to pass it up, it was only $3.99

 Found this vintage ascot among the ties at a local shop. The store it's from was a department store in Washington, D. C. (thank you internet)

 I couldn't decide, so I bought both pairs. DSW now has Dansko shoes. My favorite clogs, ever. (no, I'm not getting paid by DSW or Dansko)

 Let's hear it for Dollar Tree make-up. I've had the eyeshadow on the right for awhile. $10 and tax for all this. I got the bottle of liquid liner to practice with, no way would I want to buy something pricey and then not be able to use it. BTW, I pretty much suck at using liquid liner.

This past Wednesday we went on a road trip. Up the inter-state is an antique mall that we always drive past. When we're going on a long trip, it's hard to stop and add 2 hours to a 7 hour car trip. Wednesday was warm and sunny, so we set out on an adventure.  The antique mall was a little further than we remembered, so we had to stop for lunch. It was around 1pm, we were hungry.

 We stopped here. Lane Southern Orchards is just that. A farmer that has lots of peach and pecan trees. It's located in Fort Valley and is know for peach cobbler and ice cream. Fort Valley is in the heart of Peach County, in the middle of The Peach State ie, Georgia. That season is summer, so we had something else for lunch.

 That's not a piece of fried chicken. It's a pecan encrusted catfish fillet. And, because it's Southern food, it was slap your Momma good. Neither of us eat dinner later that night.

 They also sell a line of jams. jelly and preserves. Fruit, cane sugar and pectin. What more do you need? Mayhaw's are a berry that grow on trees and muscadine's are grapes.

Next stop was The Big Peach(see a theme?) Antique Mall. It's huge and have over 200 dealers. That took a good 2 hours to walk through. 

 This tiny Native American pottery piece was $1. It's signed on the bottom, so it's real.

 Road runner pin was $8. Hmmm, another theme?

 Another green piece of vintage pottery to add to the collection. And why you should look at everything. In a different booth I saw the same piece for twice the price.

 What's in the case?

 A vintage Smith-Corona typewriter. I've been wanting a manual typewriter for a couple of years. I've seen then on-line for cheap, but the shipping is always insane. This one was $20 and it works and came with an unopened ribbon. I got out of that mall spending  under $40. The Doctor was pleased about that.

 After Christmas, I brought the cactii in. We had a cold snap and I didn't want to lose any. Think I'll leave them in the house until Springtime.

What's a blog without a cat photo?

One of these days he won't turn his head and I'll get a nice shot.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015



 The tiny Euro lady says "Hi"

No clue as to what country she's from. Any ideas?

Winter is hitting South Georgia hard. It's suppose to be 71 degrees today. Just kidding, about "winter".  This is the time of year when half the students would come down with something. Flip flops and shorts one day, flip flops and jackets the next. At least it doesn't snow here.

Enjoy your week!

Saturday, January 17, 2015



Photos, photos, photos, sometime they make the cut and sometimes you forget about that post you thought was going it be awesome. Here's some photos from 2014 that I forgot about.


Back in November, I walked around my sister-in-laws area while she was at an appointment. Where should we have lunch? Pick a country.

Those are all going south of Shattuck Ave in downtown Berkelery and on University Ave. If you go North a couple of blocks you run into a place called Chez Panisse, the original Peets Coffee and Saul's Deli. Foodie heaven. All these places are with in a 10-15 minute walk from her house. Now, I won't even mention the places that are a short car trip away. See, why I want to move back home?

 I miss this show. The Doctor got this for me for Christmas. Yeah, it's sitting on a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition and a copy of Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style. Demographics be damned!

 The Doctor's brother and his wife own this restaurant. (actually, 3,with a 4th one opening soon)  At the wedding this pasted summer. If you're in Reno, Nevada go check them out.

 Fooled him! Told him I wasn't going to post this one. What a fashion plate. See that painting on the right side? My mother-in-law painted that probably in the 1960's.

What the heck? My Bff's Mother bought this when she was visiting, then left it when she want home. It's a counter top oven that cuts cooking time in half (so says the instructions). The BFF doesn't cook and said "I have a stove and microwave, what do I need this for?" She gave it to me. I gave it to a friend who is on tour and was happy to have something to make food in. As for "cutting cooking time in half", maybe by 10 minutes and it looks hard to clean.

Was that a year end wrap up? Naw, I don't go in for that sort of thing.  Now, for real, what's for lunch?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Who know I had so many similar dolls.

The detail on the clothes is amazing! 

PS: I wanted to let you all know that I read your blogs, but sometime don't comment. Sometimes I don't have anything to say. Thank you all for the support for my blog, it means a  lot to me.


Monday, January 12, 2015



Sort of ( not really) made a New Years resolution to post more outfit posts. Here's the first one:


 It's me , in the yard, in the rain. Wearing a thrifted Norma Kamali raincoat, a very old beret and a really old cross body bag from Target. The bag is a world traveler, it's been to Sweden and Greece. The design thing sewn on is from a Matthew Barney show I saw in San Francisco a few years ago. The badge says "The world's a mess, it's in my kiss" from the X song. I laid the stepping stones and we made the ones in the front.

 What's underneath. Green Jones of New York sweater, and a black knit shirt. $15 and 25 cents. The necklace is a Viking sword, a Christmas gift from The Doctor. Who took the photos! He's getting better at it. I did the bookpaper on the wall and put the floor down ( not to brag or anything). Oh, yeah, and painted those chairs.  (shut up already, Martha)

What's a blog post without a cat photo?

Mr. Scooty looking at something.

Off to make lunch.