Friday, September 19, 2014


We went home a different route: Berkeley, Needles, I-20, Shrevesport-to-Lafayette, La, east on I-10

But first the photos that didn't want to be friendly yesterday and the rest of the stuff we bought.


 On Saturday I went thrifting with N & E. N and I have been thrifting buddies for over 20 years. E is still not sure she like's it, but it's slowly growing on her (they've only been married a couple of years) This hand painted jug was $1.99, there's no other markings. Any guess where it's from?

 Seen those crazy tassels hanging under placements in the housewares  department. I couldn't pass it up, that would have been rude. It was $4.95.

 I needed something to read in the car. So, now I smoke and speak with a French accent. Not really.

 Here's the stuff we bought on the road at different stops. The skull and little tile are from the Saddle blanket in El Paso, the little rug was free. The metal bird and magnet are from New Mexico. The sparkle amethyst and postcards are from Arizona.

 I love buying postcards, because I could never take photos that good. Sometimes the stores have old ones that are cool. These are from Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arizona.

 The Doctor collects armadillos, these placements are from the saddle blanket and were $1 a piece.

Now , on with the trip......

 You all know that California has a very large dessert? The Mojave  covers most of the southern part of the state. At the roadside rest are these signs.

 The Doctor standing under a joshua tree. Bono tried to photo bomb, but he didn't succeed.

The next day we drove across northern Arizona and it was much cooler. We stopped at Meteor Crater near Winslow. A huge meteor landed there 50,000 years ago. There's a interactive museum and a gift shop. It's where I got the hunk of amethyst.  

 I channeled my inner 12-year old boy and blew up the earth.

The crater is so big
it needs 2 photos.
It's 2 1/2 miles around and deeper
than a 60 story building.

We stayed the night in Gallup, New Mexico and headed for Texas.
 Lunch was at this local place in Santa Rosa, NM. Green chili enchiladas? Yes, please.

North Texas is flat and kind of boring, I didn't take any photos. We stayed the night  in Childress, which had  a lot of junk shops, but they weren't open. Boo Hoo. It pretty much rained the whole day. which cooled the weather off.

 Louisiana Welcome Center. Between Alexandria and Lafayette we drove through a 20 mile long rain storm. The rain was so heavy at times, we couldn't see out the window. We made it to Breaux Bridge without to much trouble.

 This fun store was right next to the hotel, but opened at 11am. Too bad we had an all day drive ahead of us. I want to go back!

 Funky Cajun charm. We had shrimp Po' boys from there for dinner. It's next to the art store.

Only in America? Next to the Po' boy restaurant, Greek and Lebanese! Both places were open, but we were really wanting some Cajun food.

That was our big adventure. Now back to real life. Hope you enjoy the photos. Come visit America, there's lot to see outside the big cities.

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Calabasas, Will Rodger's State Park, I-5, and Berkeley

Ready for more vacation photos? Of course you are.

The wedding took place on Aug 31 at The Ahmanson Ranch House in the Santa  Monica mountains. Calabasas is about 10 minutes away.

 Here's a close up of the beautiful fountain. Nobody in the wedding party lives here, it was the closest hotel.

Can you see the house?

 It wouldn't be a So Cal wedding without a beach trip!

 The Doctor with way too much sunscreen on his face

 The Bride (Lina) and Groom (Joe). They were joking about the wedding being at the beach, ala Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Saturday night was event #2. a meet and greet for all the quests. Some of us came a long way: New York, Florida and Brazil

 My friend's daughter, Rachel.

 Me and The Doc. All that sunscreen worked.

Some of our side of the guests: The Doc's sister (Karen), AKA Mother of the Groom, Sister-in-law (Misty)and The Doc's little Bro (Gary)

 The Bride and her collage girlfriends. She's wearing the dress Mother of the Groom wore at her wedding. It's vintage Gunny Sack.

 The Groom and his childhood friends (Yanni and Justin). The Groom learned a new word: bespoke. He's wearing a custom made wedding suit. He and I have a joke: when he was going to his medical school interviews, he asked me to come with him to pick out a suit. He said "The only suit I'll ever wear".

 Sunday was the big day. Here's one of the views from the site. It really needs to rain in California.

 The wedding photos were taken by some of the other guests.

Here comes the groom! With his Mom and Dad. (Karen and Mike)

 Getting hitched under an old olive tree.

Almost kissing the Bride!

Hang on! Neither of them fell off the folding chairs.

Karen holding are great niece, Annadelle. She's nine months old.

 Sister of the Groom, old family friend and the Groom.

 My niece and her husband (Christie and Ray). Happy 2nd to you guys!

Mr. Cool

 Monday morning in the hotel lobby. Off on their min-moon. The real honeymoon is next summer after the Groom finishes he's residence. They plan on a 2-3 month European trip, them there's an emergency room spot for the Groom in New Zealand! Hmm, maybe a trip across water is in my future.  

Monday was spent driving up I-5 to Berkeley to spend the week at the Groom parents house.

We had to stop and have soup and take these silly photos.

The Doc all centered

Me, off centered

 Ran into these two, again. N and E, long time friends at Saul's. We had to get coffee afterwards and ran into the Queen!

 Window display at a jewelry store.

No trip is complete without hitting a few thrift stores. Or 5.

 Mother of the Groom and I love this place! Not a thrift store but a salvage yard. They have everything, including vintage clothes, books, the kitchen sink(or100's). Here's what I found:

 The cigar box, little plates and cloth dolls were from Urban Ore. The jewelery box and 4 weird dolls (you'll see them later) are from a small chazza. The, real, fox stole($2.99) and vintage gloves are from Savers and the Minnesota Buckskins jacket was $1 from Out of the Closet.

 How could I pass these up? I was on vacation after all.

 While the women folk were thrifting, the men folk went to the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond. A lot of battleships were built in Richmond during WWII.

They bought us presents! I got a tote bag, earrings and a Christmas ornament.

I seem to be having a problem with the last three photo. I'll save them for next time. Hope this isn't getting too boring.

Until next time

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



And his hat is bigger than he is.

What's up with the shoulder thingys?  The sword is a nice touch.

I've only posted one weird doll because I was on vacation for 3 weeks. And I didn't want to drag my laptop across the country.  Part 113 was posted (a saved post)  from my brother-in-law's computer. As he does a lot of work from home, I didn't want to hog the only computer in the house. Everything will be back to normal now. 

Stay tuned for more vacation/wedding adventures.

Monday, September 15, 2014



Well, I'm back! After a 3 week vacation across the country. The blue yarn sort of follows the trip


 Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Calabassa , California on I-10. Can you get these kind of magnets in Europe?

 Road trip ready? Napkins, flashlight, hand sanitizer, Hula Kitty, check! Ready for a 6 day car trip!

Alabama Welcome Center

 The Doctor. The sign on the door is priceless.

        Mississippi Welcome Center( like the sign says, duh)

 You just never know what you'll find at a welcome center. This is a practice model of a lunar lander.

 Boot prints from a real astronaut

 Look, it's me! Day one and still looking fresh. It was around 100.

 Random signs along the road in somewhere Lousiana. We spent night one in Port Allen, Lousiana. Across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge.

 Giant star? Must be the Texas Welcome Center.

Six Flags Over Texas.

 The welcome center had a nature trail in the back. Here's a swamp.......

 ....and a alligator snapping turtle. I don't ever want to run into a real one.

No comment, just obey the sign

 Out in the middle of nowhere is Buc-ee's. A giant truck stop, store, rest area, tourist trap. You just have to stop.

 Shamu was on the elevator door at the hotel in San Antonio.

 Night 2 we had dinner here, La Fogata. Amazing Mexican food.

 San Antonio is famous for the River walk. Which is hidden under the street in the downtown area.

 The green railing is street level and the tables are basement level. Lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Which make me wonder how many people fall into the river. Not all of the walk ways have railings.

 Selfies at a roadside rest somewhere in Texas.

 The somewhere in west Texas. Nothing but ranch land.

We spent the night in El Paso, Texas. And the next morning we took a trip to San Elizario, Texas and toured an old mission.

 San Elizario was in Mexico, but a flood happened and the Rio Grande changed course. This beautiful church is the highlight of the town.

Giant Jesus.

The Virgin

Billy the Kid

 This is the old jail. Legend has it that Billy the Kid broke into it to help a friend escape. might be true. A movie called Fandango was filmed here and there are a lot of art galleries. It would have been a nicer time if the Boarder Patrol helicopter wasn't flying low over the town. Mexico is about 1/2 mile from this building.

New Mexico

At the welcome center. We spent the night in Demming and the next morning spent 2 hours at the local museum. The museum has a large collection of Nimbres (probably spelled wrong) pottery. The pottery is as beautiful as ones we saw in Greece. Except there are no human forms, just animal and lines. The place is full of all kinds of interesting things: cars, a bell collection, geodes, cowboy stuff,  a lace and quilt room, old fashion medical stuff, and a huge room full of weird dolls. 2 hours well spent.

Phoenix, yes, it's 3:51 pm and it's 112. Notice that we are in a tunnel under the city, out of the sun. People live here, by choice?

Spent the last night of the road trip it Blythe, Ca. right at the Colorado River. I promise I didn't jump out of the car and kiss the ground.

If you are ever on a road trip on I-10, you have to stop here. It's in Cabazon, Ca. Why stop? The best date milk shakes on the planet. This place has been here since the 1930's and sells, well, dates. A must stop place.

This is Friday and day 6. We made it to the wedding hotel around 3pm. And ran into tons of family in the lobby and pool. The bride and groom live in Culver City, but the wedding was in the Santa Monica mountains and Calabassa is about 15 minutes from the site. It's also the hometown of some people who have a reality show(hint: all their names begin with K).

Man, that was a lot. Which is why  3 parts. Next up: The Wedding!!!

As I was using my brother-in-laws computer, I could only do one Weird Doll Wednesday post. Never fear, it will be back! Heck yeah, I got 5 new weird dolls. Stay tuned!