Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Another crocheted lovely. She's a lot bigger then the other ones, and her hair fell out.

She has a very dreamy look about her. Her eye make-up reminds me of Twiggy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Bow Wow! Ghost, Jon Snow's direwolf. By now, if you've been following for a while, you know I'm kinda nuts for Game Of Thrones. And I've gone crazy for these fun "action figures". I was looking around Amazon last night and some of the earlier ones of dead characters are selling for $200 plus!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not that crazy.

School started up last Monday and we'll be getting casts list tomorrow. This is always an exciting time around the Fine Arts Building.

I've been a tad under the weather for almost a month. On the second trip to the doctor it turns out that I have bronchitis. ( and I spelled it right!) I've got meds up the wazhoo, but feel ok.  It's one of those things that takes time to get over. As long as I stop having "coughing fits" in the middle of the night, I'll deal.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Back to Westros. Here's Cersi's favorite brother, Jamie with the Gold Hand. He got his right hand chopped off and lived! 

It's hard being The Kingslayer without your sword hand.

School starts back next Monday. I've been sorting/Organizing the mens stock. Suits, sport coats, you name it, I've organized it. The storage is looking  great, but it makes for boring photos. Here's a bunch of suit hanging nicely on a rack.....see what I mean? Almost done.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


What? It's Wednesday already? And I've been slacking, again.

Here's a pretty doll that somebody spent a lot of time on.

This ones racy......

Matching pantaloons with ruffles at the bottoms. Thanks, unknown Grandma for all your hard work on this.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Back in June I first posted this doll, then realized it was a pretty crappy photo. Here's a re-do.

Much better than glare off the plastic front of the box.

"Don't mess with my Mom!" Watch out, Cersi, she coming for you!

I lied, here's one last photo from PSST. The wedding dress Clark made and finally posted a photo. That's the lovely Heather McCall wearing it. The train is insane. And the veil is 31 feet long.

So long that Clark had to work in the hallway. It's in 2 parts: the first part is attached to a headband and is shoulder length.  The second part is 6 yards of fabric cut in half, lengthwise, then sewn together, gathered onto a band and snapped to the dresses shoulders. She wears it down a staircase. I order to not get caught on everything backstage, it lived in a laundry basket and was feed out behind her by a couple of bridesmaids. but guess what? It still got some rips. That's life on the wicked stage.

That's it on summer.

Friday, July 22, 2016


The weekend of July 16-17th was the closing shows for PSST 2016.  Here's the last batch of photos. On to Fall Semester.

 Me and Kailah Gordon at the Secret Santa party. Kailah was our company manager and a VSU Theatre major.

 Christopher Taylor in his dancing fork costume for "Be Our Guest", and Tsung-Ju Clark Yang as the Awesome Wardrobe Head. (he's also my school year student assistant)

 From Ring of Fire. I made the "Minnie Pearl" hat. Chance Wall and Ashlee Dutson

 I lovely montage (Heather McCall made it). "Sweet n Low Down", "Delishious"

 Another montage made by Heather, she was very funny as the modern dancer/girlfriend. The "Delishious" number takes place in the bubble bath and me spent lots of time making bubbles.

Here's some photos the cast took in their bubble costumes. We used clear plastic Christmas ornaments. They were painted and sprayed with glitter paints, then tied together with elastic, then sewn into a "necklace" that was snapped onto nude leotards. That way the leotards could be washed. They wore matching "swim caps". The 4 fellows in the number were really happy with the outfit.....haha.

We had a wonderful cast and crew, so many talented kids! I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors. As always, the production photo were taken by Genny Muncy and the backstage ones are by the people in them.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Still have a touch and go internet connection. The company is coming by tomorrow to check everything. They keep calling about the appointment. Yes, come out. 

What do you think of this naked doll? Male? Female? Who cares? Probably from the late 40's. Painted on hair and shoes, because bare foot is just wrong!

I've probably collected enough photos for another PSST post. Backstage hi-jinx and some show photos. We had an awesome season this summer. No clue as to next summer's shows. Looking forward to hearing about that. I'm still in organizing  mode. It never ends.