Monday, June 10, 2013

 SOUND OF MUSIC ACT I, The second part

Let's recap: in the first part of act I, Maria gets sent to the von Trapp house to watch the kiddies. The next day, the Capt  bails on her and goes to Vienna. He comes back a while latter with these too:

 Elsa Schraeder and "uncle" Max Detweller. Who are these people? Besides looking drop dead awesome in vintage,  Elsa seems to be a gold digger looking for a new rich husband and Max, we never do find out who's uncle he is

Vintage dress porn: this dress is so amazing. There's no side seams, the front is draped up over the hips and the seam is in the back. The back panel were the zipper is, is a long U shape that curves around the butt. Very nice.


                                      Rolf has a new uniform. It was strange to me that the word "Nazi" is never said during the play. My friend with the embroidery machine made  the patches for the uniforms.  I spend a day sewing them on the uniforms and felt dirty afterwards. The show is set in 1938 and the family did escape,  so it they have to be there.

       Remember those curtains?   Liesl's might fit you, Sarah Misfit.  Our designer, aka The Boss, made these costumes when she was in collage, in 1980! The collage still had them and the curtains in a box with The Boss's handwritten label on it.  Because of the nature of the production time ( 6 weeks to stage 3 musicals) a lot of the costumes are rented or borrowed. The sailor suits, curtain costumes, wedding clothes and their show costumes are all borrowed. Maria's dress was made by this summer wardrobe head, Dan.


 Elsa told The Capt to throw a party, so he did. You might remember Ethan from Pippen, he was wearing pumpkin breaches.  Jessica is wearing more vintage porn; a beautiful evening gown that fit her like me made it for her.


 Party guests. I made the red gown in 2003 from a re-issued Vogue pattern, the melon gown is vintage, who know that color was around then? The pale one in the front is also vintage. 



 I think their both hinkie, but the dress is amazing. It's not vintage and I can't remember were we got it from. Notice the "wallpaper"?  It's edelweiss.


 Hey, kids another song please. So Long, Farewell, now go to bed! The gray dress Louisa is wearing s vintage but  I made the blue one Liesl is wearing about 15 years ago, don't remember for what show.


     Again, they leave Gretl all alone, mid- stage too sing by herself.  She's 6, at that age I would have wet myself and started crying with fear. I did have a dress like this one when I was that age.  


 Where you going, girl? Maria freaks out while dancing the Laendler with The Capt.  They look into each other's eyes and it's instant love. So she packs her tote bag,  grabs her guitar and runs back to the convent. She doesn't tell anybody.


Were the Mother Abbess and Sister Sophia are welcoming a new postulant. Check out that yellow suitcase!  The Abbess give Maria a talking to and pretty much blesses her out about leaving the von Trapp house. And tells her that you've got to climb every mountain, ford every stream (watch it on youtube) end of ACT I. ACT II is shorter, so that will all be in one post, probably tomorrow.

Who watched the Tony's on Sunday? This girl. My peeps did an amazing job, it's always better than the Oscars. If you did watch, how in the heck did Cinderella do that costume change, right in front of our eyes? I'll be tracking THAT video down and studying it. 


  1. I'm lusting after that yellow case in the last shot! x

  2. Thanks for the run-down of these SOM costumes. What a HUUUGE job. Hearty pats on the back and you must surely be called up on stage at the curtain to take your own bows. I was Liesl in high school. You bring back lots of memories with this one.