Sunday, November 23, 2014


Where did I leave off? Sunset on Wednesday. Thursday was Double Birthday Day (mine was on Friday)


 The Birthday Girls! 59 and 20! Rachel looks pretty good for 59.

 Three cakes are better than one, anyday of the week. Rachel's Mom thought "Something for everyone". Left to right: cheese cake, chocolate with chocolate and some more chocolate, mango mousse. The rose on top is made from mango slices. We had food, too. Italian from Genoa in Oakland. Yummy!

Friday, SIL and I went to SF (I know, twice in 3 days). She wanted me to help her shop for new clothes. Shopping AKA fun.

 Here's a bit of old San Francisco. The Palace Hotel. The roof survived the 1906 earthquake. No, we didn't have lunch here.

 Old school tobacco/wine store.

 Speaking of "old school", we ate lunch here. Sears Fine Foods, in business for 76 years.

 They have an old tile floor, and use sideboards and old stoves to store things in. And are known for these......

 Silver dollar Swedish pancakes. No this isn't turning into a food blog. Promise.

I had to take these photos. Store front in Maiden Lane

 So many old sewing machines. Around the front of the building are to more windows with top to bottom machines.

 The electric street car. I've ridden  one these a bunch of times. If you look close at the red brick building, you can see the overhead wires.

 The world famous Powell Street cable car. Which I've never ridden on. They are always full of tourist and don't seem worth the hassle of waiting to get on.

On Saturday, I got kidnapped......

 by these two. Next post I'll show you where they took me. We're having dinner at Rudies Can't Fail Cafe in beautiful downtown Oakland (it really is)

 Not drinking brew for breakfast!   I had mac & cheese and onion rings. There's a diet in my future.

Of course, I bought myself birthday presents!

 I ran out of socks, so I just had to.

 Really good 3D Madonna bought from a street vender for $1.

 Peacock shawl bought from the same vender for $6.

 Thrifted purse that looks like it was made from a place mat.

 Penguin ring, thrifted and beaded thing found in  free box.

 Book of travel essays, gift from a friend and Christmas socks from Top Shop pop-up in Nordstroms.

Next time, there's all sorts of art to show you. It's everywhere.


  1. What a fantastic photo diary of your trip. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you're enjoying your birthday - three cakes? That's true caring. I'm in love with the shops and your socks and your 3D Madonna. And of course the food makes me hungry. I look forward to the next post.

  2. Wouldn't I like to investigate that mango mousse, wearing that peacock shawl whilst reading Paul Theroux. Everyone knows there are no calories in birthday cakes!

    I do remember riding electric street cars when a mere moppet. The top bar thingy had to be adjusted at times, and it *sparked* in a delightfully terrifying manner.

  3. Now I want some dang lingonberry crepes!!! Those day of the dead and Frida socks are the best!!!!

  4. What grand buildings and interiors . Love Paul Theroux and that pashmina-a-like!
    All Saints put a call out to most antique dealers in the UK about three years ago to source as many old sewing machines as possible and bought them up at top prices. Some of my mates very very happy! xxx

  5. Retirememt and you birthday look good on you! I lived in San Fransico for a year with dad so I really enjoy seeing these! You did so much and smiled through it all! How can one vacation and not fill their blog with food shots especially Sf? Can't wait to see the art!

  6. A three cake birthday - I like that! Looks as though you are having all sorts of fun in San Fransisco. Food, friends, shopping, sights - lovely! xxx

  7. Happy Birthday, dear friend.You are all lovely