Wednesday, April 22, 2015



You'd think I was busy or something with my slacking on posting. No, just haven't been feeling it.  I do have a couple of ideas rolling around my brain. 

Here's a lady from Guatemala. That's what the tag on her foot says.

I would have guessed South America. Her skirt and wrap are rough wool and she has a baby on her back. Not sure what the blue square she's holding is. It's a blue square. And I think she had shoes at some point. 


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  1. Might be a Pampers from my niece's Great Experiment in Mayan Daycare. Graduating with honors, her dad offered her a month in Paris to celebrate. She said she'd rather spend the money on helping two nuns open a daycare center for Mayan mothers. She placed her cat with me temporarily and headed to Guatemala. Several months later, she had established that Mayan women do not approve of such unsanitary arrangements as diapers. Fourteen years later, the cat is still with me.