Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Another one of the 1940's dolls. Put some clothes on, lady!

Quit, she's sleeping. I do wonder what her outfit looked like. Was it an evening dress, day dress or something else? Guess we'll never know, unless I stop being lazy and make her something to wear.

For the past 2 days the assistants and I have been sorting/organizing the dresses in the storage. Man, oh, man what a hot mess!!!!!!!!! Don't know why someone would hang a 1990's flannel "grunge" dress next to a purple satin cocktail dress. No wonder we couldn't find anything this past year. We're going to try to finish that task up today. On Friday, it organize the warehouse. That should be fun.    


  1. Oh wow, how I would love to play around that warehouse!! Of course I'd make an even bigger mess and I wouldn't get an ounce of work done. The doll seems resigned to her fate. Probably she'd perk up with some clothes on.

  2. The 40s was the era of hair! Lovely, Rita Hayworth hair like this sleeping beauty still miraculously displays deserves a black satin nighty to honor Rita's famous "on the bed" photo.

    Good luck with the warehouse expedition! I participated in such a project a few decades ago and my left elbow still complains about it.

  3. Look at that plastic skank. Ho got no shame.