Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Back in June I first posted this doll, then realized it was a pretty crappy photo. Here's a re-do.

Much better than glare off the plastic front of the box.

"Don't mess with my Mom!" Watch out, Cersi, she coming for you!

I lied, here's one last photo from PSST. The wedding dress Clark made and finally posted a photo. That's the lovely Heather McCall wearing it. The train is insane. And the veil is 31 feet long.

So long that Clark had to work in the hallway. It's in 2 parts: the first part is attached to a headband and is shoulder length.  The second part is 6 yards of fabric cut in half, lengthwise, then sewn together, gathered onto a band and snapped to the dresses shoulders. She wears it down a staircase. I order to not get caught on everything backstage, it lived in a laundry basket and was feed out behind her by a couple of bridesmaids. but guess what? It still got some rips. That's life on the wicked stage.

That's it on summer.


  1. We don't think of the logistics involved in coping with trains, do we? The wedding gown was undoubtedly the sensation on stage that made the effort worthwhile (and probably inspired some brides and mums in the audience to think, "Hmmm, long train for ceremony, then detach for reception...hmmm." My niece's chapel train incorporated drawstrings that pulled it up like a ruffled Roman shade (and required her mum and me to crawl under it to do the tying up of ribbons).

  2. WOW, that dress is certainly high drama in itself. Well done on that!
    The doll and the beast, they crack me up, especially not knowing the show. I love them.