Saturday, January 7, 2017


Dang, been home for a week already. Time flies. Because we were traveling "light", we didn't buy a lot of stuff. It's bad enough the airlines charge $25 to check in a bag, I didn't want to go over 50-pounds and have to pay more.


 Found these sweet vintage gloves at an estate sale across the street from my family's house. They were $1. The stone is a garnet, and was also a $1 at a shop in Half Moon Bay.



 Cute dish towels my sister-in-law made. The Doctor got some micro brewed beer and his trekking sticks.

Here's his present to me:

 With a flash.................................

 In the sunshine.........................

 Yes, it's a gold glitter skull snow globe.

There was a pile of Christmas cards waiting when we got home, one was special.

In the card from Hollie Black Ramsey was this lovely piece of art from her children. What a nice surprise.

Tonight is going to be pretty bad weather wise; below freezing temps, snow and who knows what else.  Take care and keep warm.


  1. Hollie's family art is wonderful. I love all your pressie, so thoughtfully chosen. x

  2. That's a lovely card, worthy of a place of honor on the 'fridge during 2017!

    The rough weather demands a strong response, Thorne. Take that golden glitter skull thingy out on the porch and shake it at the sky. Think warm thoughts. See what happens. :)

  3. a Golden glitter skull!!! mwahahh, that's amazing!
    fab lovely card too!
    besos & calor

  4. I love your treasures! That globe is awesome! And of course gloves and garnet. What else do we need? :) I like the most recent doll too.