Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Been having a bit of a rough week at work. Some "security" changes with e-mail that nobody can figure out. Turned out the best way to update was to ignore the directions in the e-mail and just go to the link at the bottom. 

Here's a dragon to cheer me....and you....up

Say hello to Rhaegal. (yeah, another Game of Thrones doll)

Not working on any new shows right now. We have gone to the warehouse 3 times and almost have the place in order. Today was productive, I sorted 2 racks of 1970's maxi-dresses. Felt like I was working in a vintage store. And, no, I didn't take any photos. Maybe next time.


  1. Sorting out a costume warehouse sounds oddly relaxing, Thorne. No photos? Does the warehouse not have a photo catalog for reference? (Like Elizabeth II's famous jewelry/outfits/where worn notebook?)

    1. no, it doesn't. We're still getting it organized. 1 1/2years ago when we moved into the space, the box truck we use got vandalized. Our plan of rolling the costume full racks into the truck then rolling them into the space went south. We had to unload the racks, transport all the costumes in the back of SUV's, pick-up trucks and car trunks. Then take the racks apart and move them. Since than it's been an on-going project of getting everything back in order. Which we pretty much got finished on Wednesday. Over the summer, I'll be there tagging and starting the inventory process. Fingers crossed the a/c works better then last summer and I can work longer than 2 hours at a time.