Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Back to the normal Wednesday post. My first assignment this semester was to make this...............................................

Yes, I'm now making weird dolls at work. She's for the opera, which is an Aaron Copeland opera set in the 1930's ( I can't remember the name of it). The doll is a stuffed fiber fill head, covered in scrape muslin. With a 2-piece outfit made from torn strips for fabric. I used a 12" long piece of wood from the scene shop as her body, tied a scrape of muslin around her "chest" for arms, did the same thing for legs. Her hair is yarn that I made into tracks--AKA a weave--and hand stitched onto her head. Cost of project---zero.

Last week at this time(11am) it just stopped snowing, today it's going to be 72! Insane!


  1. That weather is vexing! Faux fur with summer clothes underneath? Hahaha. We've been holding steady here in Vancouver so far...
    This doll-making looks like fun. You get to do the coolest things in your job. Is that the opera A Tender Land. (No, I didn't know it off the top of my head, I looked it up.) That is interesting if it's an opera about a farm family.

    1. Yes! That's the name (looked it up at work)

  2. A Tender Land it is -- I looked it up as well, and having read the libretto I now suspect its greatest appeal as an opera is that it's sung in American English. The Joads meet the folks at the Carousel? The doll is probably the most cheerful member of the cast.