Sunday, August 5, 2012

First stop, cat rescue in Thomasville

Tiny tea set, with windmills
Bought a lot of books. Here is India is from 1948 and cost 50cents and the other (except the Jo Nesbo novel) were discounted.
Old postcard of Portland
Hoot Hoot, it's a sweet owl pin, with rhinestone eyes
Chinese Theater in Los Angels
"We have just spent 10 days's in Pasadena with our Putney friends and saw lots of very interesting places and had a very fine time in everyway as they were wonderful to us. We are en route to San Francisco and home in 10 days" love Baxter & Minnie (?) I love how these is no street address, just a name and city. Probably from the early 1960's, no zip code either


  1. Miss Kitty's? How fabulous? Love the little tea set, you got a great load of books (I like the Jo Nesbo series) and old postcards are fascinating. And you can never go wrong with an owl, that one is a cutie! xxx

  2. Great finds. I love the tea set, I'd serve espresso in there though. And the owl pin is beautiful. I'm guessing that a trip to Hollywood would have been the talk of Cuthbert at the time...?

  3. Your suggestions are always inspiring.