Monday, August 20, 2012


Egads! I'm wearing a twin set,  sort of.  And standing in front of a whole mess of fabric
My boss (AKA The Boss) bought the stock from a closed fabric store. Lace. anyone?
Showing off my new infinity scarf my co-working made with some scrap cotton tube fabric.
Hot mess costume shop. The Doctor looking confused.
Time to go home!
This is what I had on my head. A pretty silk scarf that had a bunch of rips, I sewed it onto a headband.Modeled by the lovely Roxy
Today's jewelry: necklace and matching earrings World Market. Vintage brooch, don't remember. Giant "diamond" ring Target. Bracelets: gifts and thrift store. Purple ring and silver hoops gifts. Headless angle pin: found in my shop


  1. Well I may also be a little confused, but is that where you work?
    What a fabulous shop! All that lace!
    Your poor Doctor looks like he can't wait to get out!
    Nice bling. xxxxx

    1. Yes, that's the costume shop( about half of it) where I work. The two cutting tables are next to us, the white table behind us is the ironing table, all the sewing machine are behind the person who took the photos. It's about 650 square feet.

  2. You work in a costume shop? I'm so envious! Are you a seamstress?

    1. I'm the shop supervisor, which means I do just about everything.

  3. I'd love to come over and play with you in your workplace, it looks such a treasure trove and you seem like so much fun. The Doctor does look like he's in a hurry, was he hungry? that's Jon's usual excuse!
    Love your scarf makeover! x

    1. Both I think. My assistant was showing me how to used the timer on my camera, so we had a photo shoot.

  4. EEEK! I want to play there, with you and your fabbo jewellery!
    You look gorgie with your hair out,incidentally!

  5. Looks like a fun and inspiring place to work. I work from home by myself screen printing t-shirts and making art prints so I don't get much stimulation while I work. I love seeing this environment. Kind of like project runway and your boss is....oh, dammit I can't think of the man's name right now...but you know who I mean. ;)

    Make it work!

    Love your display of jewels!