Saturday, February 23, 2013

Got these books at the library book sale.  The one on the left is a paper flower craftbook from the 60's, a 70's party book, both were $1. The architecture book is also from the 60's and was $5.

Do you like my hat? It's Persian lamb and was made in Lithuania. $4. I can wear it next winter.
Vintage Barbara Lee purse and terra cotta plate, $2 a piece

A Milton Saunders Original, $2!
 I got all the above at Bargainza, which a a fund raiser of the Symphony Guild. Yep, my little town has a symphony.

Maybe tomorrow will but sunny, too many rainy days bums me out.


  1. Omeegoodness, what a haul! The persian lamb hat looks amazing on you, and the baby blue dress is DIVINE! You must do a post with you in it :)

    1. I would if the blue dress wasn't 3 sizes to small. :(

  2. Great hat sweet and I just love the wee black handbag.
    The dress is so pretty, what a lovely colour.
    Happy weekend!!!!
    Love V

  3. That hat looks fab, the dress is gorgeous and so's the bag! Great finds! I want to go shopping now! x

  4. I DO like the hat! And the dress and bag are beautifully elegant. Great finds! xxxx

  5. That dress is wonderful, what a bargain too.
    I love the picture with you sporting your fabulous new hat, you have a lovely smile :)
    I know what you mean about too many rainy days, I feel the same but unfortunately we've got five days of cloudy skies and nippy temperatures ahead...I may keep my curtains drawn and just pretend it's nighttime...xXx

  6. You got some awesome goodies!! The dress is stunning!