Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Over the weekend the crafty Vix had a post showing all her lovely patchwork project. So I'd thought I'd post one of mine. I learned of knit about 10 years ago and got bored with garter/stockinette  stitch. I have an old book of knitting patterns, so I decided the best way to learn a new stitch was to make a sampler. This is how it turned out, different yarns, different patterns. Who knew cables are pretty darn easy? Having been a sticther for years, it took me awhile to "get" knitting. What's with this: ssk, ptog,yo,skp, sssk? Why not writing it out in words? Sometimes I come across a direction and I'm pulling out all the knitting books to find out what the heck it means. Because I've been sewing for so long, I can pretty much look at what I'm making and know how to get the piece to the finished stage. A vest? No problem. Skirt or pants? No problem. Reading a knitting pattern, WTF? So I had to train my brain not to see the end, but to read along, knitting just what the direction said, and the piece would come out fine. Learning a new(useful) craft was fun.  

PS: the cats love to snuggle in my knitted blankets


  1. Brilliant idea. Must try, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. That is fabulous, I don't know about the cats, I might fight them for a snuggle in that beauty! x

  3. What a great way to make use of your various sampler squares.
    My cats love a blanket too, one of them kneads my crochet blanket and sometimes sucks on it, it must remind her of her mummy! xxxx

  4. I love patchwork i'd love a patchwork coat. love lucyx

  5. I've got a patchwork blanket and I can confirm that like yours they're gorgeous and cosy. I don't have cats but the dogs wind themselves up in it x

  6. That sampler is WAY cool! I love it!