Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last Saturday was graduation for the class of 2013!

Patrice, Student Assistant #1.

Rebecca, Student Assistant #2
8 of our Theatre and Dance grads. They all have jobs! And Eli is going to grad school in the fall. (she's the really happy one behind Patrice) We're flashing the costume shop gang sign.

The jewelry I won and picked up in the morning

We went to Rebecca's house afterwards for a party. She and her family live in the countryside about 45 minutes away. Too bad it was raining and we all had to stay inside. It did let up for a few minutes, so we ran outside to see the new chickens.

One of the chickens. I can now cross "pet a chicken" off my bucket list.

More chickens and the rooster

 On Sunday, the rain stopped. We had a Cino de Mayo dinner.

I've had this tray so long I don't even remember buying it.



and after margaritas.  I told him not to be so goofy.
Bunch of new books.

 The Cabinet of Wonders was half price. I have one, AKA "shelf of shit", "cupboard of crap", I'll have to do a post about it some day soon.  Two copies of the Frida paperdolls, one for me and one for my BFF.

I broke my pledge to myself about buying make-up until I used up what I have. But 32 colors for $5? Would you pass that up? The big flower can be a hair clip or a brooch.

Love lemon curd. And a chestnut knife

More jewelry. It's hard to pass up brand new jewelry at thrift store prices. The bangle was $2.99 at Dillards and the heart and key are from Forever 21. ON Sunday's shopping trip I didn't find any clothes or shoes that I was willing to buy.  $100 for a dress? Not today.

The rain has gone and it's all pretty out. Got some weeding done yesterday and this morning and hit the garden centers. I always check the half off racks. Today I got 5 plants for $16. Hope they don't die! Days off until Monday, then 6 weeks of crazy summer stock.

3 Cheers for vacation!


  1. Congratulations to your gang on their graduation! Well done. Your eye for a deal on jewellery is unmatched. And I laughed at your dinner photos... Looks like a great evening.

  2. Your dinner photos are hilarious and well done to the students. xxx

  3. Looks like you all had a fab day despite the wet weather, lovely smiles all around!
    Congrats to the students, may they all venture out into professional life and find all that they ever hoped and dreamed of. Oh, I do love lemon curd...once I had a jar of lemon curd confiscated at Stansted airport at security, I was livid...it was a sealed jar but the lady was like "You are only allowed to bring 100 milliliters of liquids or gels & this for all I know may contain explosive material" och!...xXx

  4. Seeing you so proud of those kids is really heart warming! I love your Cinco De Mayo dinner and pics and chickens, that's so cool!!!!!!!!!