Saturday, May 4, 2013


Making costumes for the summer shows.  This is one of 4 1950's dresses for the Marvelous Wonderettes. It's pretty much a review of 50's/60's songs. It begins in 1958, then the group has a reunion in 1968. This dress needs a final fitting, a zipper and a hem.

 The 60's dress is still a work in progress. The third fabric hasn't come in yet. The dress is a take off of the famous color block dress Yves St. Laurent did. Only we changed it to the shows color scheme, green, pink, blue and peach/orange. I love it that we found go-go boots to match. Now we're on the look out for matching window pane fishnets.

Drawers and camisole times 2 awaiting a fitting

Next up was undies, or should I say "underthings"? These are for A Little Night Music. We already have corsets, so I don't have to make them(huge relief) Folkwear patterns are really fun, they not only give you a vintage pattern, but they include lots and lots of extra details and history.

My new toy, I mean equipment

 Finally, a professional serger!  It's a present from our Dean who is retiring. He said we deserved it. It does a chain stitch and overcast at the same time, which means you only have to sew once and the seams are done. Changing all that thread is surprisingly easy!

Happy to be done with the semester

I'm double lurexing, sweater: $9.99 from Lane Bryant years ago, tank top thrifted for $1.50 the other week. Pendant on a new chain; $1.99.

Busy Saturday for me. This morning I'm going to pick up the 2 lots of jewelry I won on an on-line auction. Our local auction house went on-line a couple of months ago. I'll miss sitting all day at the live auction enjoying  the "show". Then graduation, and a party! Hope it doesn't rain!

Oh yeah, May the 4th Be With You!!!!!!!!!!!

And I get 9 days off!!!!!!!!!


  1. thorne. you are great. what a big selection of clothes . job well done. i love those block colour boot. your serger machine is called overlocker here we have a four thread one they do everthing. just like you!! love lucyx

  2. Nw you can dress as one of your dolls.

  3. The 50's dress is just pretty.
    That sewing machine is amazing. Wow.
    love V

  4. I'm lusting over those boots, I want all of them! x

    1. The boots are from a company called Ellie and cost $40.

  5. I love the new sewing machine, we call it 'cut and sew'in Italian and I always dream to have one sooner or later, your seems a very good quality one! I love the costumes you are making, they look amazing (and I want the boots too) great works!
    Love xxxxxx

  6. Drooling over that serger!!

    Love the dresses--and those go-go boots are RAD!!!

  7. Congrats on your new serger! I can't sew a stitch so admire your sewing skills. Am loving these costumes! And your double lurex! Enjoy your time offffff!

  8. Look at those boots! Huh, colour overdose alert! :D
    And congrats on the new serger! I've been dying to get a five-thread serger for ages, it makes everything so much faster.

  9. Three cheers for your new serger. What a fantastic gift. Your colour block dress is wild, ESPECIALLY with those go-go boots. I hope you lock them up at night! Great lurex layering.

  10. New serger rocks, that will make life easier!!! I am loving the costumes and those boots, tasty!!!!

  11. Wow! I'm always amazed at what you do!
    The gogo boots are to kill for!