Sunday, July 21, 2013

......AND THE WINNER IS.......

The living room! I'm wearing 100% thrifted, the top was $3 and the jeans were $2, for a grand total of $5! When we bought our 1920's house it was a duplex, behind the door was a closet. It's where the original doorway was. So we opened it back up. The kitchen isn't a kitchen anymore, it's The Cantina! Yeah, that makes it sound like we party all the time. The fridge is a "beer and wine cooler" and everything is pretty much second hand. I painted the room with 8 different colors (like Fiesta wear) made the curtains  and put down the peel and stick floor. I made the video awhile ago. I hope it plays right!! Saturday was a girls day for me and my bud Rebecca, I'll have a post about that probably tomorrow.


  1. I had to Google "duplex", over here it's a type of Lego and I was pretty sure you didn't like in one of those! x

    1. haha, my house was built out of legos.

  2. Ok--this is AWESOME--Love it!!

  3. Oh I am like Vix....Duplex is Lego here too....tee hee.
    Yay the living-room to see more lovely op-shopped outfits.
    Love V

  4. You look smashing in the living room, although I'd probably like you in whatever room you chose. Thanks for the tour of your cantina. I love your colours!