Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Monday was Canada Day, and this fella lost his head. I like Canada. I tried to stick he's head back on, but it wouldn't stay on. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and my 1 year blog anniversary. Stay tuned, I might have a give-away coming up.

Also, I hope I didn't give the impression that we made all the costumes for A Little Night Music, because we didn't. Our 6-week build time doesn't allow us the time to build all 3 shows. I did build all of The Wonderettes, what was built for Night Music was: both of the daughters dresses, the theatre and party dresses for Anne, old fashion underwear, and Desiree's red  party dress. Why we borrow and rent is that Desiree's one red dress took 3-weeks to make. From pattern draping, muslin mock-up, fittings, fittings and another fitting, to making the final dress. Times that with 7-8 costumes, there's just not enough time in 6-weeks to do it all. We have a "trade agreement" with Florida State University, Theatre Macon and the University of Minnesota at Mankato. This is pretty typical for theatres to so this. Theatre Macon is using our animal puppets and costumes for their upcoming production of Jungle Book. But just because costumes are borrowed doesn't mean there's nothing to do with them. Hems have to be taken up or let down. The same with sleeves and waistbands. One of the skirts that had to be hemmed, took me 3-hours to do (and I'm fast) it had to be done by hand because of the fabric.  Yeah, show biz!


  1. I almost bought on of those weird baby mounty dolls but he was missing his hat thus making him extreeeemely weird looking.

  2. WOWOWO!!! What a doll!!! we are obsessed with dolls!!!! This one is soooo CUTE and the outfit is the best part!
    Happpy summer babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. Weird doll with no head, LOL

  4. That's what happens to naughty dolls on holidays. I just made that up, so don't tell any of the others because they might get scared and lose theirs too. I have no doubt there would be an extraordinary amount of work in getting borrowed costumes right for a performance, there's so much involved, what with the fit and embellishments. xoxo

  5. Wow, you really inspire me. I just can't get enough of you and your blog. It's pretty amazing here, my dear! :) <3

    Best wishes,