Sunday, September 29, 2013



or was it finding this t-shirt while looking through a chest of drawers for something else?  Whatever is was, I jumped in the way back machine to 1992........

 Yes, I found my Lollapalooza 1992 tour shirt!!!!!!! AND it still fits (or fits again)

 The sparkle butt jeans were in a bunch of fabric The Boss bought, they were my size, so jeans! PS: that butt will not be twerking.

 Soundgarden? Chili Peppers? Pearl Jam? Ministry? Jesus and Mary Chain? Ice Cube? Lush? And Porno for Pyros on the second stage? What's not to like?

 Me and three friends (we're still friends) went to the first show in Mt. View, California. Fun times. Now, where the heck are those Jane's Addiction shirts?

 Here's the shoes. They're from Diba via DWS.

Last month was our anniversary. I got some new jewelry. was having a 25% off sale over Labor Day weekend. I got these two pieces.......

 A Frida bracelet and a new style cameo. Way more my style then diamonds studs or a gold necklace.

Because I couldn't go to the wedding the other week, Ray and his sister went on a walk and Ray bought me these two pieces

The earrings have garnets (hmmm) and the necklace amethysts. It also has a pin back. Both pieces are from India.

Swan update: costume's done and we start 1st dress tomorrow, I'll be posting photo by the end of the week.

Everyone have a wonderful week!


  1. What a line-up! Good to still have the tee (and the friends)
    Love all the jewellery. Diamonds and gold are so boring! xxx

  2. OMG, I LOVE the necklace, the cameo and the Frida bracelet!!!
    How freakin' awesome is that tee?! I'd love to have been there, what a line up!! XXX

  3. The boots, necklace and Frida bracelet are amazing!!!

  4. What an interesting cameo! Wow. Puts all sorts of crazy ideas in my head! And the jeans -- oh how I love bonus clothes that come from some box or something that happen to fit and I can make them mine!!!


  5. I want your new jewelry and those kick-buttt boots.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Here's to your eternal happiness! Love the 90s blast and those killer kicks!

  7. Great t-shirt, cool boots, and awesome jewellery! xxxx

  8. Wonderful memories that only a t-shirt can trigger! Happy anniversary and thank you for linking up with Hat Attack.

  9. looking wonderful wearing your t-shirt (fabulous show!) and your jeans fit you like a dream!!, hurrah for sparkle!
    I'm loving your fabulous bijouterie too!!

  10. I ordered the cameo. It's too beautiful.