Friday, December 27, 2013




I'm linking up to Spy Girl's 52 Pick Me Up and I do believe I did it the right way around this time.

 This week is "metallic". I'm wearing a coat/tunic I got at Dillard's for $17 and holding  wreath my friend Sarah made.

We had a lovely Christmas. The Doctor got a new outfit (the Ralph Lauren one from the by the pound store) one of these days I'll trick him into posing.

 I got more books. I'm a sucker for a rock n roll bio and I love Jo Nesbo.

 My sister-in-law made the tea towel and the jewelry is from The Dr.  It's from Alchemy 1977. He didn't go to Jerrod's. My sister sent a wine and chocolate box( which is gone) and the house got a new microwave. We don't over do the gifts

We had a small Christmas dinner party and true to form, I didn't take photos.
 I made dinner from my new cookbooks. Which are amazing!


 Here's my house on Christmas Eve.

I have a concrete porch, so my house won't burn down.


 What do you think of the new colors?


  1. delightfully shiny outfit, dear lady, and lovely presents!, I like particularly that Ottolenghi's books!, wish you enjoy everything a lot!
    And your porch lightening is fabulous, great effect with simple ingredients, that's my cup of tea!

  2. Oh your house looks so magical, I love it! I like the outfit and the wreath too. So glad you had a lovely Christmas - never heard of Jo Nesbo, must add to my Goodreads.

  3. Um, no you didn't. I will fix it. Next week, a tutorial!
    (You are not alone with the link-up issues).

    Oh, I loves me some Nordic mystery. So dark, cold, and violent. Is the Redeemer new? Once I get out of Library Purgatory (I could have sworn I renewed that Eudora Welty) I will see if they have it.

    Loving the silver tunic coat. Too bad you couldn't wear the wreath! Like as a giant pendant or brooch or halo.

    We haven't opened our presents yet. Schedule conflicts!

    Thanks for linking up! And I see you got your sketch onto the sidebar! So glad you like it. :-)

  4. aw! I love the baggie lights! Way easier cleanup that stringed lights

  5. Your house looks so warm and cozy and inviting. I love your metallics. And I LOVE Anne's sketch of you!

  6. Love all the lights, and your silver tunic. And I agree about Jo Nesbo, great books. Xxx

  7. Your house looks gorgeous! Love Jo Nesbo and always read Ottolenghi's cookery page in Saturday's Guardian for inspiration. x

  8. Such a lovely and welcoming house, dear friend.
    You look fantastic.

  9. Love the style of your house and love your decorations!
    Your cookbooks are worth a look, great gifts! The jewelery is awesome

    Happy New Year to you!