Monday, October 27, 2014

IF IT'S MONDAY........


I must have taken these photos last Thursday.

It was a beautiful fall day, we went to Tallahassee for fun and stopped at Maclay State Gardens. Surprise!  Scarecrows in the Park was up. It's a scarecrow competition that local people, businesses and schools compete in. Here are the ones I liked.


 Mother Nature. She has bugs and dragonflies on her dress

 Love this one. Made from  recycled metal pieces.

 A real estate agent, with a bird house head

 Hipster slacker.

 This one might be my favorite. Flower pots, wine corks, shells and Spanish moss.

 An Ent?

 The Doctor and his new friend?

A Bride and Groom

A friend of mine came by this morning and took the NuWave oven off my hands. He's going on tour for Christmas and was happy to have it. He can cook and not have to eat fast food all the time. So, that worked out well. Oh, and before I forget...

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. These are amazing. I want one! xxx

  2. What a cool contest! I need to remember this next year and make a scarecrow. How fun would that be! I love the one carrying his head.

  3. Me, too! Now I'm wondering if Snow Men must be made of snow... The Cigar Lounger might look at home on the porch, topped off with my neighbor's pride of barn cats.