Monday, October 6, 2014



The weather has turned chilly (for here), which means I've been rummaging in my closet pulling out sweaters and long sleeve tops. I also found these.........


 9 pair of boots. ( "found", like I didn't know I bought them). Left to right: old suede pair, 2 pair of Docs, fancy fake cowgirl boots, beaten to hell knee boots, $$$ Fryes, new brown knee high boots from Payless, rhinestones and stud's, lace ups with a surprise bought on Saturday.

 Because I need them to kick ass. That's why.

 I'm wearing the Frye pair right now.

 The surprise on the lace ups and rhinestone and stud's. Just because.

 The stripped ones I've had for awhile, the other pair were bought during the summer and I haven't worn them yet. It's been too damn hot!

Fancy fake cowgirl boots. They have a blue lining. And that's just the winter shoes. I don't see a problem here. Except for the Frye boots, all these were in the $24- $100 range. Some I've had for years (suede pair, black knee highs) I have an idea why I , and other women, buy so many shoes. THEY FIT! I have big feet, size 10, and nice, pretty shoes are made in that size. Clothing on the other hand, is not made in my size. I have a hell of a time finding some items. After about 5 years, I finally found a pair of black jeans that fit.  But maybe that's a good thing, because if I was skinny, I'd probably have so many clothes, I'd have to turn a bedroom into a closet. I think the same is turn with handbags and purses. What do you guys think?

Or is that just my excuse for having a ton of shoes?


  1. What a cool selection of boots, the embroidered cowboy boots are my favourites, i'm trying to work out what a US10 is in UK sizing so I can see whether to fly over and pinch some of your boots! x

  2. I love finding things, and if they are boots even more

  3. You can have as many pairs of boots as you like - they're fab! xxx

  4. Not a problem methinks. If you have room for them, go for it! A passion is meant to be lived.