Saturday, January 9, 2016


For me, so far so good. Started back to work this past week. Spent a couple of days getting things ready for Monday (first day of classes). Worked on a couple projects of my own.

 Like this dress, which I got at the By The Pound store. The bodice was too tight and skimpy, even thought it's an 18. Stick around, at the end of this post I'll show you what I did to it.

Spent the New Year holiday visiting my BFF in Rock Hill. Of course, we went to IKEA on New Years day. We also watching a bunch of 1960's movies: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Georgy Girl and Valley of the Dolls. And a documentary about Iris Apfel, which was awesome. 

 For some reason, IKEA had a ton of children's dress up costumes. I'm wearing a wig backwards and my BFF is wearing a look of shock.  Alas, it was too small for my huge head.........

 so I bought this instead. I'm Renn Faire ready. 

The By The Pound Store is always a good stop. I found an odd mixture of ethnic and vintage.

 A wax cloth tunic that looks homemade.

 An African caftan from a company called Ashro.

 Here's a close up.

 Cute jacket from a company called Picadilly. Made in Canada.

 This pretty ruffle is on the lapel, cuff and pocket. I've worn this a couple of times already.

 A cape. A heavy ass giant orange cape. With my shadow.

 Fringe trim.....yeah!

 Vintage suede Native American dress. Not a cheesy Halloween costume.

 It was made buy this company that specialized in rodeo and Western wear.

 Can I pass up ties, scarves, etc? Heck no! The cap is vinyl "snakeskin".

 Does anybody buy padded hangers new? I find buckets of them second hand. And so can you.

 Flower in plastic/resin? Strange, yet beautiful.

 Persian lamb jacket. 

Hey, it's the end of the post. Here's what I did to the dress.......

 Say "Hello" to my new skirt. I removed the bodice, kept the zipper, added a bias tape waistband and a 1/2" wide elastic.

Here's what the inside looks like. The waist was a few inches too big which is way I added the elastic. I kept the bodice and have no idea what to make out of it. I'll think of something.

I had a wonderful vacation. Just wish my BFF didn't live 7 hours away. (insert sad face)

PS: still no dance concert photos.


  1. A Persian lamb jacket! If you'd found nothing else, I'd count this expedition a success! Now what will you wear with it -- channelling the late, great Apfel (who said, I believe, too much is never too much)?

    Clever recycling of the skirt, Thorne! Was there enough fabric in the bodice to create a longish vest or stole? What would Iris do? Sez I, remembering she once remarked when viewing an Easter suit: "This thing needs yellow!" Then she removed a large yellow satin ribbon from a display window basket and tied it under her chin and over her head in an extravagant bow, its sides hanging down by her ears like those of a lop-eared Easter hopper.

  2. I have a feeling the Elizabethan ruff just might be coming back in style... ok, maybe not.

    1. it was $10, I couldn't let it set there. They had hoop skirts, too.

  3. I'm so happy to share in your cool adventures! :D