Thursday, January 21, 2016


Finally got to wear my new to me fake fur coat. $12.99! It's really warm. 

Also had a building visitor. Sir Echo, yes a freaking bat. My assistants put it in a box with an old towel. They spent way too much time calling animal rescue places and not listening to me telling them to call Mr. Manning, the university animal control officer. I finally found the number for them and he came and took Sir Echo to safely.

Sir Echo, photo by Christie Jo

 These two got married at Disneyworld in November and had a local reception last Sunday. Say "Hello" to Joe and Genny Muncy. Both of them are theatre alumi from the 1990's. I knew them when. Years later they  re-meet and love happened. Joe is now our building supervisor and Genny is a kick ass lighting designer (she dose the PSST lighting) and a part time fauclty.

Yummy treats from the party

My friend , Steven O'Neal works for Bumble and Bumble in NYC and gets to go to some cool events. He posted this yesterday

 Yep, he meet the only reason to keep reading Vogue.....Grace freaking Coddington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the places you'll go with a theatre degree!


  1. Yay, you look smashing in your faux fur. I'm so glad you got to wear it at last.
    Poor little bat. Yes, sometimes the best answers are the most obvious, especially in hindsight.
    And I love the photos of Joe and Genny, and Steven. Grace Coddington? Oh my!

  2. Love the fur coat! Even if faux. It looks great. I have been slowly rebuilding my links and blog after having it hacked and losing 8 years of blogging. Ugh. Wishing you an AWESOME 2016!

  3. fabulous fur coat, you look gorgeous (and absolutely warm, which is even more important)
    And lovely cute Mr.Echo (such a perfect name!)

  4. Rowr! That coat is sensational! (Anyone who thinks to name a bat Sir Echo deserves a fine faux fur.)

  5. That first photo is blooming stunning, that coat was made for you. xxx