Saturday, January 26, 2013


   For the past 10 years or so, I've been keeping a record of what I spend every year on clothes. In 2012, I spent $606.51. There's a good possibility I missed a couple of items. What did I buy?

13 dresses

10 pair of socks/tights/leggings

4 sweaters

2 tops

1 skirt

2 pj's

7 bras/panties

3 belts

3 pair of shoes

2 coats

The priciest item where a pair of Dr. Martins at $82, and the cheapest was a pair of Hue tights for a penny (used a coupon)  Which brings us to the lovely cover of American Vogue for Jan 2013. The total cost for the outfit the lovely Gwen Stefani is wearing is..........................$73,550.

jacket  $68,500

blouse  $1,950

bow (a freaking bow!) $585

trousers $895

hat $995

boots $625

So, I guess I did pretty good shopping last year!

On a completely unrelated topic, I was talking to a friend this afternoon. She was telling me about the ice storm that hit her town yesterday, all of a sudden I heard Scott Joplin music. I'm thinking how strange that someone on my street would be listening to ragtime. It was the local ice cream truck going by. From ice storm to ice cream,  and it's 79 here this afternoon. 

Stay warm, my English friends and enjoy the beach my down under friends




  1. OMG, my annual income is way less than what this outfit cost!
    I like the fact that you keep track of your shopping.

  2. Good lord! I'm always staggered at what the Vogue outfits amount to - you could probably recreate this look quite cheaply.
    I thought your shopping was pretty restrained!

  3. That outfit would have to come with a car and holiday, then maybe it might be worth it, madness,!!! $585 for a BOW!!!!!
    This is a great post, I love that you record your wardrobe purchases.
    Here's to looking fabulous for just a little more than a bow!!!!
    Love V

  4. Bloody hell, in NZ dollars, that's two years salary for me, I think! Ridiculous! I like what you spent far better. What a great idea, I must try that, I expect I spend more than I think, but way less than the average woman!XXX

  5. How fabulously organised you are to keep track of all that!! Very impressive!!

  6. I guess I'm not part of Vogue's target market then. That is a mental amount of cash to spend on one outfit, I don't even think that my entire wardrobe cost that much to buy. Personally I think that anyone that would spend $585 on a bow is a complete mug. I bet Gwen would be able to knock one up herself with a scrap of fabric...xXx

  7. ...and that's the reason why I don't buy magazines! How stupid, that woman's so gorgeous she could wear a Walmart carrier bag and still look brilliant!
    New purchases in 2012 - 2 pairs of candy coloured platforms at £5 a pair, a blue fake fur jacket for £7 and 5 pairs of knickers for £4 (the first undies I've bought in 7 years and of such appaling quality I binned them in India) x

  8. Ha, how the other half live... I'm like Vix, I hardly buy anything new these days, the prices are so crazy and I don't want what everyone else has got. xx

  9. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, no idea, Lol
    I always buy secondhand,so I can buy plenty.

  10. She didn't pay for that outfit, however. They paid her.

    I'm not sure what I spend a year. For some, it's a lot. For others it's budget. Eye of the beholder, I supposed.

    I figure if you like what you wear and wear it often- it can be a deal. For example in the 80's I paid 200 bucks for a cashmere cardi. I wore it over 20 years. A bargain in the long run.

  11. You're so right, quality trumps cheap every time. I once bought a pair of eyeglass frames that cost $450, I wore them everyday for 15 years.

  12. Bwa-ha-ha! - about the clothing prices. Good shopping last year!! Scott Joplin in an ice storm is lovely vision.

  13. Good grief!!! Ha ha. This post is great!! xoxo Lynn