Tuesday, January 29, 2013

 100 POSTS/22 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for following my blog! I still can't believe other people follow me, it blows my mind. To really say "Thank you" I had a secret giveaway on Monday( it was secret because I thought of it right before it took theses photos) We'll get to the winner in a moment
It was beautiful here this past weekend, so I yarn bombed the backyard.

uncovered some statues. A couple of years ago I got these 2 at an auction, I bought 6 statues for $70.
Looks like a jungle, this is after I pulled all the overgrown vine and dead branches out. Thank goodness I didn't run across any snakes.

Now for the drawing! All 22 names in the hat. And the winner is.........

from a Bag and A Beret!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, Melanie! I sent you an e-mail this morning. So send me your address and I'll be sending you a lovely parcel of joy!

Thank you, again for following my blog and making me feel like I have something to add to the world. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well done, Melanie!Love those statues and the yarn bombing. Your garden looks gorgeous, I'd kill for a bit of sunshine right now. xxx

  2. You are lookin'lovely in the bushes there. ha! Our outfits resemble each other in our recent posts. I just love colored tights as I can see you do as well. I need purple ones!
    Have you noticed the international shipping cost increases? Whoa!

  3. Yay, 100 posts! And a giveaway for your followers! Congrats to Melanie. xxx

  4. Your yard is a place of happy goodness with your yarn bombs and statues. I love the joy I see there. And I love that violet colour with you hair! Congrats on 100 too.
    LOL, I won?! YAY!!! I must check my email. Thank you!

  5. Oh yay for Melanie!!!!! That was so lovely of you sweet.
    Love V

  6. Yay for Melanie!!!!! You know what makes me so happy about your blog? Your yarn-bombing, that's what! I love jungly gardens, imperfect, sprawling and wild - but adding the yarn pennant makes it out of this world! xoxo

  7. Well done Melanie! Yarn bombing looks like fun, I have a jungle garden too!

  8. Congrats Melanie!!! And congrats on 100 posts! I love those garden statues so much.

    Sarah xxx

    1. Thank you, Sarah for your help when I was getting started.