Friday, April 4, 2014

AS PROMISED: EVITA!!!!!! (part 1)


Evita was written in the mid-1970's by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. It tells the story of Eva Peron, who started out life as a poor girl and ended up being the most famous mummy since King Tut. I'm not going to recount her whole story (check on line for that). The show is called an Broadway opera, because 90%, or so. is sung. Which is different from a regular musical. All the action is told through song. Here is Valdosta State University Theatre and Dance Program's production of Evita!


 It opens with the announcement of Eva's death. She died in 1952 at the age of 32, from cancer. Up on the screen is a photo from her funeral, which lasted 2 weeks and was attended by 3 million people.
 "Requiem - Oh, What A Circus" is sung during the funeral scenes.

 Will Stanley plays "Che", the narrator of the story.

 Evita(played by Rebecca Morris) as a 15-year old girl who wants a better life in Buenos Aires.

 So, she runs off with a tango singer, Magaldi. Played by Josh Barcol on the left and Wendell Hester on the right. The part was double cast. Magaldi was a real person, but she probably didn't run off with him. It makes a better story.

 Hello "Buenos Aires". Needless to say, she loves it there. She becomes an actress and radio personalty.

"Goodnight and Thank You, Magaldi"

"Goodnight and Thank you, Mr. Business Man"

"Goodnight and Thank you, Whoever"

Rumor has it she slept her way to the top. Maybe, maybe not, but it's a funny bit. Mr, Business Man is played by Blake Fountain and Whoever is Micheal McClain.

 "The Art of The Possible" and ruthless game of musical chairs. The first time we see Juan Peron.

 He wins the game. Ethan Parker plays Juan Peron.

 At  charity concert for earthquake relief (which really did happen) Kristen Kebbler and Matty Hogan dance a tango.
At this event  Eva and Juan met for the first time.

 He's quite taken by her. And they start a romance but there's a issue to deal with.......

 The present mistress. Eva kicks her to the curb, but give her the coat. This role was also double cast.

Larren Woodward above and Kelsey Russo below
 The Mistress sings the saddest song in the show, "Another Suitcase in Another Hall"

 "Peron's Latest Flame" the general's don't like the new girlfriend.

 and neither do the rich.

 The newest Senora Peron gives a rousing stump speech....

Peron becomes President and "A New Argentina" begins!

End of Act 1.

next post: Act 2


  1. Now I'm no fan of musicals but even i know Don't Cry For Me Argentina, a huge hit when i was a teenager! x

  2. Wow, its really lovely to see the photos of this - I have never seen it but like Vix I know the song Don't cry for me Argentina and I know that Madonna did a version of it. the costumes look wonderful.

  3. I went to see Evita in London, 1981, I think. I still remember the songs! xxx

  4. Splendidly "Life magazine" street wear styles, you've created. And kudos to the hairdresser!

    The mummy remark is apt. 'Weird' scarcely describes the adventures of her remains!

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos of this - looks like it was a great show and congratulations on the costumes!

  6. Oh my gosh the costumes are all so great!!!