Thursday, April 24, 2014



The annual clean up the costume storage areas! We (try) to do this once a year. It's funny where things get put. I'll say "Put like items with like items. If you don't know where to put something, leave it out and ask" This year I've found folding hand fans in the bandana box (fandanas?), camo pants in the dress slacks, and tank tops with the blouses. Sometimes it's funny, but it does make it hard to find things.

Stripped and check shirts, all neat and tidy

 White dress shirts washed, sort of ironed and sorted by neck size. I have sizes 14/30 to 16/39 40 and 18/35. We buy the hard to find sizes new and on thrifting trips we always buy white dress shirts. They get dingy with make-up and wear and tear. When the collars get too dirty,  we take the collars off and turn the shirts into collar-less shirts to use with old fashion detachable collars.

 The double rack of vests. Or waistcoats. All different styles and time periods.

 One of the pants racks(there are 4 more) All the pants are now on the right hangers and sorted by color. This rack has all the vintage 70's pairs, plus the colorful ones. Bright yellow slacks anyone?

Today we're tackling the woman's storage. Here's a peek.......

 Attack of the Tulle Dresses!!!!!! I'm going to pull out some of the awesome vintage pieces just for fun and take photos.

This is hot, sweaty and dusty work. I tried to look nice...

 Low top Chucks, good for climbing ladders. Sock in the same color ways. $2 thrifted jeans

My blouse matches. Thrifted Avenues blouse.

Don't know what I did to get the printing to change to yellow! I've try and fix that next time. And the size of the words? WTF?



  1. Its a bit like my stockroom sans cats! x

  2. That's some closet! I look forward to your pics of some of the vintage pieces. To spend an afternoon playing around in there... Wow. Love your sneakers and socks with that great top.

  3. You are amazing! What will they do without you?!

  4. I'd love a look at some of those frocks... Who am I kidding, I'd like to to play dress ups! xxx

  5. Please can I come and play dress ups with you?

  6. Once upon a time... I participated in a similar clean out which unearthed a lady's riding habit. None of us could figure out what to do with the bands and buckles until we spotted a clip of Her Majesty mounting side-saddle. Aha! Pants underneath, bands and buckles attach each split skirt panel to a leg -- and all ready for a parade!

    It also took us forever to figure out the purpose of a 'handle' on a ball gown.

    Yes, I'd love to play dress up again with you. Please, do show some of the vintage treasures!

  7. We didn't have a costume closet at our school. We had to make our own or have our moms sew them for us. Theater was NOT a priority in the school budget. We're talking cardboard backdrops and "bring stuff from home" kind of productions. Sad really.