Saturday, April 5, 2014

EVITA, Part 2


And now Act 2!

 Peron (Ethan Parker) give his thanks for voting for me speech.

 Don't Cry For Me Argentina starts off timid...... the end, she's kicked it into over drive. In the next post. I'll tell how we made this dress.

"Christan Dior me, from my head to my toes"

Evita goes on The Rainbow Tour of Europe. She visits Spain, Italy, France and Great Britain.  She a big hit in Spain.

 The pro-Peron newspaper loves her!!!

 The Italians....."they called me a whore!"...... She pissed.

 but she's even more pissed with the King of England. Hey, she deserved Buckingham place! After all, she did meet the Pope!

 So, she starts The Eva Peron Foundation.............

 "And The Money Kept Rolling In" and maybe some of it went to a Swiss bank account. That's never been proven.

 School children adore and worship "Santa Evita"

In a reflexive mood

 She wants to run for vice president, but Peron tells her she's dieing.  "Dice are Rolling"

 She giving one last broadcast to tell the people she loves them.

 With Peron and her Mother (Kelsey South)

 She dies of cervix cancer in 1952 at the age of 33.

The play ends as it starts, "Requiem"

As  I said in Part 1, there's all sorts on info about Eva Peron on-line. Some of it is true and some not so true. What is true: after she died, her body was embalmed. That took a year! A monument was being built at the same time, but Peron was ousted and went in exile to Spain. Eva body went missing for 17 years. She turned up buried in Italy under a fake name. Her body was returned to Peron. He and his 3rd wife kept her on their dining room table (for real). She's now buried  in Buenos Aires.  Crazy story, huh?  I didn't have a pro or con opinion about the Perons, I just find their story fascinating. I hope you've enjoyed the photos and I really do wish we could post video because the cast did an amazing job. Next post will be a fun "backstage" one. Hope it's not too boring. :)


  1. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. It all looks so great!!! I was waiting on this! I missed part one. I'm going to go back and find it.

  3. Wow. This was low budget wasn't it.