Monday, July 14, 2014



I've been having trouble downloading a video that the university made. No luck. Here are some more backstage photos. Still awaiting the 42nd St ones.

The room with bits and pieces of costumes displayed. That's a wolf head from Beauty and the Beast.

An assortment of shoes: jazz shoes, beaded slipper from Aladdin, beige character shoe, tap shoe, sneaker From Go, Dog, Go and cowboy boot from Oklahoma! A wall of t-shirts from past seasons.

Hello! I'm the snake from the Jungle Book

Dress from Camelot, I made this in 1993!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandmother puppet from Mulan. The actors stood behind and could move the arms. I think there were 4 of them.

Bird puppet from Aladdin

Edna's final dress from Hairspray.

Everybody wants to be a show girl. Me, Steve and Esther model the hats from "We're in the Money".  Steve made 21 hats in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"We're in the Money" costumes. It took me 2 days to glue the rhinestones on 10 costumes. By hand, one at a time. Then I sewed 3 layers of trim on the skirts. I really can't wait to post the photos from this show. It's way over the top!


Remember my "no shopping vow"? Well, I went to an on line auction and have won 3 lots of weird dolls. I couldn't help it.  Stay turned for more weird dolls.


  1. Love that Hairspray dress, I'd wear it in a heartbeat! x

    1. you, me and 2 other people could fit in that dress!!!!!

  2. Ooh, look at Kaa! I'll join you and Vix and whoever wants to wriggle into Edna's dress with us! xxx

  3. Do you have room for me too? Hee hee.
    Oh you naughty doll-buyer. Show us, show us your misdeeds. Ha.
    Thanks for the backstage tour.

    1. yes, there's room. I got bored and bid on 8 auctions and so far have won 5! I was the only bidder! At this rate, I'll need another cabinet

  4. I wanna play with da snake...

    Three lots?! At first I read 3 dolls, then I realized an error had been made. Weird Doll Wednesday shall continue!