Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Not really, but we did run across an elephant



 A life size baby elephants in a graveyard. It's on a grave from someone who owned a circus. It says that on the headstone.

 One of these days I'll grown up to be the girl who's bangs stay put. Thrifted velvet coat on safari? Oh, heck, why not?

 The Doctor was looking on-line for places to explore and found out about the elephant. It's a couple of miles south of Moultrie.
It's interesting to explore old graveyards around here. Most of them are still being used. I find it interesting to look at the dates and wonder about  the lives of the people. It's a different way to look at history and some of the history around here is unpleasant.

 Like this: that's a new headstone for Mr. Hall who served in the Confederate States Army. AKA the losing side. See that rusty cross thing? That marks the graves of men who served in the CSA. There's a group who put them out and repairs/replaces the damaged headstone. The item on the left is a flag holder.

 Here's another one. This one is interesting because of the boarder around the grave. Those things that look like garden edging are sometimes put around old graves. I have no idea why. It's also becoming rare to see the fencing, because people steal it and it turns up in pricey antique shops. So do those old boarder stones. Don't do that!

 1792,  Mr. Norman was born 223 years ago. What was his life like and how did he end up here?

 Moses Norman, maybe the son of James Norman? His CSA cross is craved right into the headstone.

Miss Josephine would have been a teenager during the Civil War. Do you wonder what her life was like? 


  1. I attended a small college located in a beautifully scenic portion of eastern Indiana. Not the least of its landscaped attractions was a large historic cemetery with 'destination' graves, i.e., those of the locally famous. Students enjoyed studying on the steps of the mausoleums -- and in return served as impromptu guides and docents. Spooky? Nope! The scariest nocturnal visitors were the skunks who preferred not to get their tiny feet damp on the grass. One climbed onto the tablet graves and waited for them to pass in a sedate, sniffling parade.

  2. I would very much like to have a baby elephant statue on my grave.

  3. What a fascinating post. I love an old graveyard and yours is no exception.
    Many of the older ones here had metal fencing to keep the grave robbers away. xxx