Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Let's go someplace warm.

Guatemala! What a cute family. Pretty sure these are handmade. Love the faces.


It's been raining here, we're too far south for snow. It's damp, dreary and depressing. The 3 Winter D's.  Spent yesterday having a Girls marathon and plan on finishing up season 2 this afternoon. I did go see Summer and Smoke at the university. I still can't get over watching a show I had nothing to do with. But it's fun to see costumes I made being used in new shows. The cast did a wonderful job, and there are so many new faces!

Project update: took the jumper apart and have yet to look for a pattern (see the 3 D's).

Spring is just around the corner, right?


  1. These charming farmers have sweet smiles! Perhaps it's because each has possession of a highly collectible bit of miniature basketry? Has the little fellow got a faggot basket on his back? I'd be tempted to position this pair in a jungle-like terrarium.

  2. What sweet dolls, the fabric is so cheerful.
    Can't wait to see the transformation, when its done. x

  3. Replies
    1. no hands! And their feet are nailed to blocks of wood

  4. Yes, spring IS just around the corner. Hang on!
    Your dolls are so colourful. I love that; colour is on my mind.