Sunday, September 23, 2012


My student assistant #1, Patrice had her 22nd birthday last Friday.  She found this lovely dress at Ross, best part, it was 2 sizes smaller that the last dress she bought! Yeah, Patrice! I gave her the lovely vintage scarf. I'm channeling a zebra.

My sort of matching bag is Besty Johnson and for the first time since March, I'm wearing my boots.
Hugs from Elie, one of our tech students

Partice and student assistant #2 Rebecca. Rebecca frocks on Friday sometimes, but she was on her way to teach a pottery class at the Boys and Girls Club. She would have been a frocking mess after that.


Rebecca lookng fetching in one of the show's hats and her Saint's Super Bowl shirt. All the girls got professional theatre jobs last summer. Ellie in lighting design, Patrice and Rebbecca in costuming. Keeping track 24 of our student s got professional jobs last summer. Way to go!


  1. Working life can so often be dreary and difficult, but it looks as though you have a great workplace, full of happy people who love what they do and enjoy each other's company! xxxx

  2. Not only do you have a great job but some lovely colleagues with gorgeous smiles, too! Love your head band! x