Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Well do ya?


Which one do you like? Spent Saturday and Monday making jester hats for the dance concert. Hope the director likes them!

The Boss trying to poke my eye out with a jingle bell.

Goofing off? What do you mean "no goofing off"?  We're in charge around here.

Geez, my nose looks long. See those large stitches? Using the 10-foot rule you won't. The 10-foot rule: If you can't see it from 10-feet, neither will the audience

Thinking about whether I can sneak some ball fringe and tassels on these puppies

All the jewelry I was wearing, no rings, the hats had a lot of hand sewing and the thread gets tangled on them. The cat is Betsey Johnson,the owl earrings are forever 21, everything else is gifted or thrifted. The socks are Missioni For Target ( yes, I wore socks for the first time in ages) the sweater is thrifted


  1. You'd make a fortune selling those hats at UK festivals! x

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  3. Wow - you are so clever! Are they made from old ties? What naughtiness has Helga been up to up there??? Sarah xxx

    1. Made from fabric samples. Don't know where Helga went, she didn't say anything naughty.

  4. Very cute hats - your place of work reminds me to a shop a go to in my hood - Atelier Vio-Li
    They do recycled fashion and plus they do clothes for TV, movies and the stage

    Ariane xxxx

  5. Tee hee! This brought back memories! I played the jester in a school ballet production of Sleeping Beauty years and years ago and had to dance in one of these hats, floppy pointy bits and bells and all. The freaking bells keep hitting me in the eyes while I was dancing and blinding me!