Thursday, September 6, 2012


Bella Q from Citizen Rosebud wanted  photos of silver shoes. Even thought I forgot, here are my silver shoes
These are Skeckers from Payless. The socks are Missioni from Target
Random photo of Miss Kini. Because I read somewhere that if you put photos of cats on your blog more people will read it. HAHA! With 2 beds, 2sofas, 5 chairs and 3 cat beds, she sleeps on the dining room table with her head on a metal plate.
Fancy party shoes from a local shoe store
This is the pink marble walkway at Delphi, Greece. I didn't know the silver shoes were there until I downloaded the photos where I got home.     Can't believe we're already packed and ready  to go on our trip! Gave the house keys to my housesitter and she'll be happy the internet is fixed. She can watch netflix until her eyes fall out.We'll be back on tuesday just in time for the season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy. Weird Doll Wednesday X will be a special edition.


  1. Shiney shoes make me happy!
    Cats are so hilarious,my girl cat has taken to sleeping in and under my sewing table,on who knows what.Weirdo!
    Ha,I used to sew for a living,and it certainyl put me off sewing for a long time!I just can't do something I love for a living!