Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Travel bags: gray one was free from Gevalia Coffee and the blue is a 59cent IKEA bag
First stop. My favorite "tourist trap". Gas station, bathroom, and a store full of crap. Inside was crammed with people, so I felt weird about taking photos. Got to love a shade free blacktop parking lot in the summer!
Rest stop #13! Do other countries have rest stops along the highways? All the interstate highways in America have a lovely place to stop and recharge about every 75 miles or so. Most have picnic areas and vending machines.
I couldn't resist! There's a small town north of Macon called Gray and this apartment complex is right outside town. I wonder if whoever named it knows about the Edies and the movies? I love those movies and the Jessica Lang  Drew Barrymore one is also good.
Me and my best friend of 30plus years Marlene.
I'm new and only $318. Chilling at IKEA. What the hell is growing out of my head? By the way the time on the clock is wrong!  This was on Sunday. On Saturday, The Doctor went hiking, Marlene and I went thrifting. I'll post all the treasure I found on thursday.


  1. Chilling? At Ikea? Clearly the stores in the States are a lot less hectic than the hideous UK ones! x

    1. It was really crowded, because it was Sunday. We were hiding in a corner

    2. Great dress! =)


  2. Thrifting jaunts with best friends are great! Looking forward to seeing what you found. xx

  3. Yay - can't wait to see your treasures! We have rest stops on major highways here in Australia but they are not as glam as yours! Mostly they are a cleared area of dust in some dead grass... and if you're lucky, a hole in the ground for a loo, a few snakes and a serial killer or two for entertainment! Sarah xxx