Sunday, July 15, 2012

 SHE SHOPS, SHE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lovely light green maxi, with beautiful pearl trim
The label reads "Alfred Weber"

This set is more apricot than pink, and is from Mistee

The one on the left is "Blue Swan" and the robe is Shadowline

Matching bed jackets! Who'd of thunk it?

Vintage no-name purse, my new leather purse and 2 beautiful coffee table books about India and plants.

What The Doctor found: the blue one is Woolrich and the red one is 100% silk.

Hope ya'll are having a fab weekend!


  1. You've started blogging!! How fabulous to finally meet you! Love your finds especially that pretty green maxi (me, predictable?) x

  2. Thanks, Vix! You inspired me to start blogging.

  3. Oh you've got a blog now! I hadn't realised, last time I checked you didn't.
    Sorry to be late coming over to say hi, and thanks so much for your comments over at mine.
    Anyway - hello! I have rather a fondness for a vintage nightie so I'm loving your sets. Great bags too.
    Can I beg a favour? Can you make your pics any bigger? I want to get a proper look at what you found, and my eye sight isn't what it was...
    Love Curtise x

  4. Hi,
    I'm still tring to figure out all the ins and outs of blogging. And all the things my camera can do. Some of the colors on the nighties was off. Thanks for visiting and lucky you for getting to hang out with Vix.

  5. I had quite a vintage nightie and slip collection- it went on sale this spring- not sure what's left of it. But I love the romantic quality of the thing. Yours are choice.

    I wish you'd make your pictures larger, say 500-700 pixels wide so my old people eyes can drink in your finds.

    Happy Tuesday, lovely Thorne!

  6. Thanks for the photo tip. I'm thinking about taking photos outside, because the color isn't right on some of the photos. I love the old orangey/pink/coral color old nighties are.