Thursday, March 21, 2013


Dressed like winter

This was at 11am. Thrifted jeans, Jones of New York jacket, home made hat. Here's proof that Spring has sprung

Freesia are blooming
Weird plant I don't remember planting

Blurry Spider Wort. These things grow all over the yard. I've spent hours digging them out of the lawn. I was quit shocked to see them in a garden catalog priced at 3 for $9.99! I got them: free to good home.

Little daffodils.

Think this is called spirea

Lonely flower on a large bush.


This morning the temp was 42, but by Saturday we're getting thunder storms and 86! We get bi-polar weather around here in the spring.


  1. What a wonderful garden you have. I've always fancied the idea of pottering around in a garden of my own, planting weird plants, learning their names in Latin and growing my own food, that would be a dream come true. The weather over here has returned to its Baltic old self after a few days of moderate temperatures, I think the weather is making me bi-polar too...happy, sad, happy, sad...crap, spring where art thou?
    Another lovely & happy picture of you, I may come here feeling blue but your smile never fails to lighten my mood, cheers :)

  2. And we are 32 degrees with snow shoers in Maryland. This is the never-ending miserable winter!!!
    loved seeing pix of floweres blooming SOMEWHERE!!

  3. Wonderful spring photos.
    My husband is the gardener in the house.

  4. What a gorgeous garden! There's still no signs of Spring here, in fact we've about 20cm of snow forecast for later! I'm longing to see a daff pop up!
    It seems odd to see you all wrapped up but you still look fabulous! x

  5. YAY Spring! I'm excited for y'all!

  6. Ooh lovely garden flowers in Spring ALMOST make winter bearable!!

    Sarah xxx

  7. gorgeous, it's such a relief to finally see Spring flowers

  8. Lucky you! our fowers are still burried in snow, we had about 20 cm of it
    But next promises to be warmer and sunnier!

    SF was so great!

    Ariane xxxx

  9. you are such an interesting person