Thursday, March 7, 2013


but first, a fashion tip........

always match your shoes and socks.  Doc's and Betsy Johnson socks. And a $15 yard sale rug.

"I'm a dancer!" My final pose from my dance to "Total Eclipse of the Heart". It was either that of throw the I-phone playing the Tina Turner station on Pandora against the wall. Only one Tina song  in an hour and that was "Proud Mary". We all danced to that one. Really old Lane Bryant skirt and Roca wear T-shirt.

April and Blake getting their craft on. Yep, that's a Viking helmet.

We've been having a cold snap, so I brought my lemon tree inside. It has lots of flowers and maybe this year they will turn into lemons.

More books: science, art, craft and creepy.....welcome to my world. The one with the creepy girl is called Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone. And over the girl is writing that you can only see in certain light that says "If you tell on me, you're dead" Sound like a fun read.

This weekend is The Azalea Festival, I'll probably go as it's 2 blocks from my house. The weather is suppose to improve, so it should be fun. I try to remember to take some photos.


  1. Pandora makes me crazy at times.
    Love the Docs!!
    That book is seriously creepy!

  2. I'm liking the look of the book with the creepy girl on the front, she looks evil! Loving the docs and adoring the rug! x

  3. Love the zany patterned docs'n'socs!

  4. Dali', creepy books and matching socks, this must be the secret of life!I love your dance move and the skirt!

  5. the creepy books look really interesting!

  6. Just what I needed for a rainy Sunday morning. You are so funny and lovely.