Thursday, March 14, 2013


A couple of months ago( last year?) Bella Q over at The Citizen Rosebud posted about the major awesomeness of capes. So when I saw this on an auction site, I know it would be mine.

It's red and white with these amazball buttons. The lining is red, like the bound buttonholes. These no labels or tags of any kind, but it came from Montana. And it FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can fly around the porch as my alter-ego superhero: Stircherella!

Flying to work. Too bad I flew right into the front door!
One more day till the weekend, too bad for me that I'll be working through Monday. Yeah, 8 days in a row. Calling what I do a "play" makes some people think it's all fun and games. But no , princess, it's a lot of work! I've been working on a really awesome costume, that I'll have photos and a post about when I get it finish. Everybody have a beautiful day! I'm flying off to work!


  1. Capes rock and that one's gorgeous! Even working the weekend'd tolerable when cool clothes can be worn. x

  2. Howzah! Two things just made my morning YOU in that cape, and that mention of me- I am cape crazy! This one, being herringbone tweed and that delicious "red-head rust" is perfection. What a score!

  3. You go Stitcherella!! I love the cape!!
    i can't wait to see what you're working on !1
    (I made many a ballet costume back in the day!)

  4. That's a beautiful cape, love the buttons. Hmmm, working all through the weekend is tough, but I bet you are producing some fabulous costumes. xxx

  5. I absolutely cannot exist without capes! Your new cape is utterly stunning and oh my, the bound buttonholes are seriously making me purr - I love those exquisite extras that make a garment look and feel luxurious! I cannot wait to see what you're working on right now!!!! xxxxxxx

  6. Wonderful cape, fabulous YOU everytime, my friend.
    happy weekend.

  7. it looks great! lovely colour too, like raspberry sherbet x

  8. I love that cape! It loves you too!! Stitcherella, LOL. You work your fingers to the bone but my oh my what beauty you create. Can't wait to see your latest project.

  9. I love it Sticherella! Saving the day with her scissors of steel!