Sunday, March 3, 2013


Saturday the local Junior League had a rummage sale called Tossed and Found. Of course, I went. After 11am when everything was 50% off and it cost $1 to get in. I bought the $5 bag and The Doctor paid his dollar
The $5 bag. I was happy to see that it was a regular size bag and not  one of those skimpy ones. What treasure did I cram inside?
2 silk ties, The gray one was brand new, still had the store tags

A pretty glass dish

Welcome to the cutting edge home design of 1973!

A beaten to hell floral print, the frame is wood and looks like fake bamboo.

More shell covered boxes to add to the 15 I already have ( I might have a problem developing)

Cute little bag

Mohair and wool shawl, made in Scotland

A freaking tuxedo. The jacket is way to big for both of us, but the pants fit me just fine. They have those slider things to adjust the waist

Beautiful Escada jacket. It looks new. Escada is a company form Germany that make $$$ clothing.

Score of the day? This little (size 2) jacket is from AKRIS. I've never heard of the company before. I bought it because of the store label, Bergdorf Goodman, which is a high end department store in NYC. When I got home I googled the brand. The spring collection  jackets at Bergdorf Goodman are selling in the $2,000-$3,000 range!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who the heck pays that for a jacket, then donates it hardly worn, to a rummage sale, where it's priced at $3? And then who says you can't by nice stuff second hand? Too bad I'll never fit into it.
So for a grand total of $6, I got 13 items, at round 45cents a piece. Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a deal! I love those Family Circle books, bet there's some fabulous stuff in there. The shawl's gorgeous. x

  2. What amazing bargains! It is incredible that you can find designer labels at rummage sales.
    Love the cute bag and the lovely shawl, and the jackets are fab. Is that last one sparkly? Woo hoo! xxxx

  3. no,it's not sparkly. I has a bumpy texture that didn't show up to good. After 4 tries, it's best photo

  4. I'm not really into expensive designers or labels to wear myself but there is something very satisfactory about bagging a really expensive designer item for next to nothing. A few years ago I bought a Azzedine Alaia dress for £4 at a charity shop, it sold for mega bucks on eBay to a lady across the pond. I reckon you could resell that jacket for a tidy profit, it looks very stylish indeed as does the smashing Escada blazer. You bagged some awesome goodies for $6, well done gal :)
    Lot's of love,

    1. Yeah me!!! Even if I'd paid "full price", I'd have gotten bought for $7.

  5. great bargains there - especially the two jackets - ebay them?

    1. or consign them to a resale shop. Got to have a retirement plan!

  6. Oh you totally SCORED at the sale!!
    Good thing you got the 1973 decor book so you'll be ready when avocado green shag carpet comes back in style!!

  7. That Escada jacket is worth $300-900 on eBay. Major score. I love the Scottish shawl!