Sunday, March 10, 2013


Yesterday we went to the Azalea Festival

FYI this is an azalea. They also bloom in white and coral.  They're related to the rhododendron.

One of Valdosta's nick names it the Azalea City. Hmm, wonder if that's way we have an azalea festival?

There was a band play classic rock. Don't know their name. They rocks some Bon Jovi

Lots and lots of people. One side of the park has arts and crafts and the food, while across the creek is Kid Zone.

Old fashion home made ice cream, made in these churns. (the real reason I go) They only make vanilla, but have lots of topping to pick. I had hot caramel

A lady all in silver.

The lines at the food court

Yeah, that's alligator on a stick. We decided to walk the extra 2 blocks and go to our favorite Mexican place 

La Jalisco inside the Supermercado supermarket.

Pollo Sopa, yummy

Shrimp tacos, yummy

Pollo tamale, yummy
The Doctor chilling with his tamarind soda
Yep, we made the right choice. I have a big glass of horchata, which didn't make it into the picture
Today we went to Tallahassee, I got this huge fashion book at Barnes and Noble
And these cute sandals at DWS. We also bought a new vacuum cleaner,  but who wants to see a picture of that? The wheels broke off the old one. The new one has a steam cleaning adapter, so I may have to stream up the place trying  it out. It is almost spring after all.


  1. I'm so envious of your sunny weather and outdoor events! I'm not a fan of fizzy drinks but I'd love to try tamarind soda! x

  2. Yikes, gator on a stick?! I think I'd follow your example and stick to the icecream with hot sauce. Your pics look lovely and warm, am jealous, looking out at a blizzard here!

  3. I'm seething with envy over your lovely spring weather!! Looks like a wonderful time!!!

  4. Home made Ice cream. YUMMMMm.
    Thank you for the well wishes- I think your jackets and an online shop might be a fun start to extra money. Who knows- those ugly dolls would look good in a gift box!

  5. Look at that sunshine! I'll pass on the alligator on a stick but the Mexican food looks delicious! xxx