Thursday, June 19, 2014



I'm waiting on the show photos to be retaken, so  you'll have to settle for some backstage fun.

 Opening night cupcakes that spell out get the idea.

 The statues that come alive during "Jolly Holiday"

Some of the creepy toys from "Playing the Game"

 The lovely Megan Wheeler (I've know her since she was 5 years old!)  as Mary Poppins,our amazing stage manager Abby Vincent and Olin Davidson as Bert. Our cutter made that red coat!

 My pretend grandson, Matty Hogan in his Supercali costume.

 Mary, Bert and some of the sweeps in the awesome tap number "Steps In Time". Because of legal reasons I can't post any video.  Insert sad face.

One of the children in the show gave out opening night gifts.

These photos where taken by the cast and I don't know who took what. Sorry about that.

Our next show opens tomorrow and the third one open a week after. Needless to say, we're busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next Mary Poppins is Sunday, so I hope the photos will be taken then and I can show off, I'm mean, post some show photos.


Until next time.......






  1. Fan-bloody-tastic!! Mary's red coat is a triumph, I adore creepy toys and the statues are magnificent :) xox

  2. Love those living statues! x

  3. The show looks great! Hope the English accents are better than Dick Van Dyke's... xxx