Monday, June 30, 2014



About time! All the photos from the show are taken by Genny Wynn, who is also the lighting designer. About 75% of the costumes were rented from PCPA Theatrefest in California. This show is huge, we did have to plug in some of our own stock for size reasons and more people in the dance numbers. I'll try to remember to point those out. And now, Mary Poppins!

 He's Bert (Olin Davidson) at the top of the show singing "Chim Chim Cher-ee"

 Bad Banks kids with Katie Nanna (John-Laurent Dean, Heather McCall and Maggie Tarpley)

 The Banks kid wrote the ad for a new nanny, Katie Nanna quit!
Mrs. Banks(Desiree Dillon) Mr. Banks(Micheal Hadary) Jane and Micheal. Mrs. Bank's costumes are from our stock.

 Hey, it's the new nanny! Mary Poppins(Megan Wheeler) arrives right after Mr. Banks tears up the kids ad and throws it out the front door.

 Mary gets the job! (imagine that!) And takes the kids to the park were they meet Bert. Who's drawing pictures, that seem to come alive( in the movie they jump into the chalk drawing)

 The park inside the painting

 Hanging out with the statues. Tanisha Moore, Hannah Trowell, Cedric J. Page, Micheal McClain. The statue costumes are from Theatre Macon

 It's a "Jolly Holiday" with Mary and a very quick change into these costumes ( shout out to Lacy and Lindsey, our dressers)

 Holy cow! The statues come alive. Added to the statues: Sarah Arnett and David E. Foster

 Oh, look, Queen Victoria is a black woman! Renita James as the queen. Her costume is from stock and I made her headpiece.

 Mrs. Brill (Lindsay Simon) isn't too happy. Mrs. Banks is having a tea party and she has to do extra work. She's giving instructions to Robertson Ay(Blake Fountain)

 The kids try to help.

 Mary shows up and gives everyone "A Spoonful of Sugar" to help the "medicine" go

 .....which causes everyone to dance around like crazy. Forgetting that nobody came to the tea party.

For some reason, that Poppins woman decides to take the kids to the bank where Mr Banks works. Is it Take the Kids to Work Day? Mr. Banks is a loan officer and has to decide between..

 the man (Ryan Stillings) who wants to open a factory to benefit the workforce or......

 this guy (Micheal Byrne), who has some sort of hinky plan to make the bank lots and lots of money. Mr. Banks isn't to happy when the kids show up.

 Outside they come across the Bird Woman (Caroline Hatchett). I wish I could post videos so you could hear her singing. She also did all the wigs for all 3 shows. Her costume is from stock and I made her hat.

Mary then takes the kids to Mrs. Corry's shop. A very strange place indeed!

 Annie, Mrs. Corry, Mary Poppins, Fannie(Christine McNeal, Tanishia Moore, Kelsey Russo). We had to pug in 4-5 costumes for size reasons and the wigs  are ours.

The crazy dance number that happens is: SUPERCALIFRAGILLISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS

 Mr. Banks is annoyed (what else is new?) with the kids when they come home. They get sent upstairs where they get lippy with Mary and break one of their toys.

Don't break your toy around that Poppins woman

 the toys attack in "Playing the Game"

Mary decides that Banks kids are too much and flys away. End of Act 1.

Act 2 will be tomorrow.


  1. WOW. Thank you for this excellent review of Act 1. Your handiwork is stunning and the colours are so alive. I always wondered how they brought this story to life on stage. Now I know. I look forward to Act 2.

  2. LOUD applause! Those iconic film images have been well -- and truly beautifully! -- transmogrified onto your stage. Ginger herself could not have better twirled Poppins' skirt.

    Daren't guess at the Old Queen's reaction to the liberties taken; however, ancient rumor has it that her reigning g***daughter performed creditably in private performances in her teens.

    Who could resist singing along to supercalifragiliciousexpealidocious?!

  3. I much prefer your Queen Vic to ours! x

  4. I love the black Queen!! I had SO much fun looking through these photos!!!! BRAVO!