Sunday, June 22, 2014

WHAT?!?!?! A DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to show off. Here's some of the fun stuff we've made. Our cutter/draper worked st Barbara Matera ( major costume house in NYC), so he made some headdresses for 42nd Street 


All made from bought buckram hat forms, and a ton of stuff from the local craft store. Feathers, flowers, party decorations, fake birds, sequin, you name it, it's on those headpieces. Of course, I'll post photos of the girls wearing them during the show, but here's Steve wearing one

What a plain boring dress! 

Not any more! I made this dress for Smokey Joe's Cafe, a number called "Teach Me How To Shimmy" and boy does it shimmy! Stay tuned for a photo.

Silver trim added to a black fedora.

  Appliques I made to match four other ones. Made out of craft weight interfacing, dot sparkle fabric, sequin, paint and jewels.

A back shot of the headpieces. The circle loop things have horsehair that bobbypins go through to keep the darn things on.   

Five more days to go until 42nd Street opens. Shows are selling out! Yeah!. I'll be posting show photos when I get them, promise.


  1. Fabulous! Absolutely FAAABulous! And one does appreciate the back shot explaining how one keeps the art on the head.

    The black and white number is almost too beautiful to be stage goods.

    Looking forward to seeing the headgear on the actors!

  2. Wayheeeeeeeeyyyyyyy the dress is phenomenal - well done, it's going to look great onstage! The hats are incredible - what a talented guy! xox

  3. Wow, such wonderful hats and headdresses! Love the shimmying dress too. xxx

  4. Incredible custumes and head pieces, you lot are mega talented! x

  5. wouuu, those hats look Fabulous with a f'ck'n' capital F!!
    You're so talented, love that red dress and pretty details you've made!, 42nd street is so Awesome!