Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Show #1 opens in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're entering the crazy time AKA Tech week.  So here's a photo of most of the theatre techs. (the people who make the magic happen)


 There's carpenters, sound and lighting engineers, props master, scenic painter (find the painter) and last be not least the costume crew. Our company this summers numbers 69, that's including the actors, stage management, the designers, director's, front of house (box office) our company manager. That's 69 people with a job they love doing. I know that some people think theatre is a waste of money, but it really does bring in $$$ to a community .

This summer marks the 25th year my university has produced a summer theatre season. There's going to be a big wing ding this coming Saturday. A lovely couple, Julia and Julius, have taking it upon themselves to make posters of all 25 seasons. Here  I am pointing to one in the hallway the other day.

 Thanks goodness I'd dyed my hair the day before, it was looking a little tired.

And here's some of the fun things I've been making

 The vests that were ordered from "We're in The Money" came with matching ties that are long, but the designer want's bow ties? I'll make those right up for you. And add some silver trim.

 The Bird Women from Mary Poppins needed a  hat..............

 One beat up bird hat coming right up.

And Queen Victoria needs a veil?

no problem!

We've also been busy doing alterations and filling in costumes that weren't included in the 20 boxes of rental costumes. Sometimes the sizes are just not going to fit and plan B goes into effect (which is why a nice supply of stock in the costume storage is nice).

My life is going to be hectic for another 3 or so weeks, then who knows what's in store? Big changes? Or small changes? Only time will tell.


  1. Wow, look at your amazing hair, it looks fabulous!
    How great to be a part of a team of talented people who all love what they do. Now that's magic.
    Love the Feed the Birds hat, the snazzy bow tie, and surely even Queen Vic would be amused by her new veil!
    I'm thinking big changes - keep us posted! xxx

  2. Your hair looks fabulous! x

  3. love your hairstyle and fabulous daisies!, and love to see those 'plan b' ideas, so funny!

  4. I'm happy to see the most important person is front & center! :D