Friday, July 6, 2012

I got two new style book over that past couple of weeks, both are at different ends of the style zone. The first one is Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen. I love this book! As a women "of a certain age" ( over 40...ok, over 50) I love that the ladies in the book looks so amazing, no cropped fugly kakhi (I can't even spell that word) pants for them. Hey, ladies, it's ok to doll up and wear a flower headband and tons of jewelry. The photos cover a wide range of style: not just the "crazy aunt". One of my faves is Ilona Royce Smithkin-----those eyelashes! Shine on, Advanced Ladies, shine on

The other book is Wearable Vintage Fashion by Jo Waterhouse and Clare Bridge. 7 decades of fashion in one easy to use book? Yes, be still my costumer heart. The photos are jelly of the dresses...and the street style sections features the amazing Vix from Vintagevixon.  She's the only person who could get me to take another look at the clothing from the 1970's, all that orange-red got to me. Check out both books and enjoy the wonderful people inside.

I still a baby with this blogging, so it may take me a bit to get all the bells and whistles working.

peace out!

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