Saturday, June 29, 2013


The awesome set by our designer, Ruth Brandvik. The stone wall opens, that way action can be happening in front while scene changes are going on at the same time. When set changes happen, they shouldn't bring the show to a grinding halt.


 The show has a "Greek Chorus": Mrs Anderson, Mr. Erlanson, Mrs. Segstrom, and Mrs. Nordstrom AKA this summers actor/techs. They not only have beautiful voices, they also built the set, sewed the costumes and dressed the wigs. 

By their names you can guess the play is set in Sweden, set around 1905. It's based on the Bergman film "Smiles on a Summer's Night"

                                    Josh and Larren do a lovely waltz.......


                                        The principles join in. And the show  begins


 Fredrik Egerman married the 18-year old Anne after his first wife dies.

  The 20-year old step-son, Henrik. Who's studying to be a priest.

 Mr. Egerman comes home with theatre tickets to see the world famous Desiree Armfeldt. What is  that cheeky maid, Petra, looking at?

 Poor Mr. Egerman! Married 11 months and Anne is still a virgin!



 Three character on stage singing three different songs. "Now", "Later" and "Soon", because that's how Stephen Sondheim rolls.

 The world famous Desiree Armfeldt and her servants sing "The Glamorous Life". Touring the boondocks is so much fun!

    At the theatre.........

 The play begins, is Desiree flirting with Mr. Egerman?     Yes, she is! Anne gets upset and runs out of the theatre


 Meanwhile, back home...High jinks!

 After Anne settles down, Fredrik goes back to the theatre to visit Derisee, who happens to be........his old lover! From 14 or so years ago

 And a friend with benefits!     There's a knock on the door......who could it be?

 Why if it isn't Derisee current squeeze, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm! They quickly come up with a story why Fredrik is wearing the Count's bathrobe. (He fell into the hip bath) Wink wink.

 He sort of buys it, but what's his robe back. 

 The next day we meet Madame Armfeldt, mother of Desiree and Desiree's 14-year old daughter, Fredrika. Hmm...............................



Madame Armfeldt is played by our oldest company member, she's 80!

 Desiree asked her Mother to invite the Egermans for a country weekend. She's not to happy about it, but agrees.


 The Count has breakfast with his wife, Charlotte, and bitches about Desiree!

He enlist the doormat, I mean, the Countess in a plot to trap Egerman

 The Countess visits Anne to gather intell for the Count.

 The party invitation arrives! We have to go!

 The Countess comes back for another visit. Anne tells her about the weekend. She goes home and tells the Count. His grand plan is to crash the weekend! It'll be a great birthday present  for the Countess. Maybe not.



Everybody sings "A Weekend In The Country"

End of ACT I


The servants await the guests. Awarkward! The Egerman arrive and so do the Count and Countess. 







Desiree introduces her daughter to the Count and Countess





  Fredrika and Henrik meet for the first time.

The Countess has her own plan, she'll seduce Fredrik to make her husband jealous

  At the dinner party. Henrik has a hissy fit and runs away

Anne and Fredrika decide to go look for him.

 He tires to do something stupid. Anne finds him and.......

                                             HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!

While that's going on, Fredrik goes to Desiree's room and she sings "Send In The Clowns" He leaves to think about life

 While sitting in the garden with the Countess, they see this. Henrik and Anne packed and ready to run off.

The Count pays Desiree and booty call, but she'll still upset

He see the Countess through the bedroom window and gets all pissed off. And challenges Fredrik to Russian Roulette!

 Is he dead?

 The Countess seems happy to have her Count back. Best birthday, ever!

Fredrik Lives! It was just a flesh wound!

 Now that Henrik is gone, Petra sets her sights on Frid

Grandmother giving more life advice

Then she drops dead

Let's hear to for the actor/techs

Everybody take a bow!

Lots of pictures, I know. This is edited down from 1500! Hope this wasn't too boring.

Like the other two shows, all the photos were taken by Genny Wynn.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This one's for Vix.

Here's where the Weird Dolls live. They live in a Billy bookcase from IKEA, in the corner of the dinning room. With glass doors, to keep them from running around the house at night.