Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Been a busy couple of weeks at work. The Tempest opens tomorrow and we're this close to being done with the costumes. I haven't had a moment to go to the art gallery  and take photos of the mew exhibit. A couple of Mondays ago, I checked out the opening after work (because I was still there) and there are some cool pieces. I'll try to drop in this week.

Here's a lovely Asian lady. I think she's from Japan.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Another fancy lady.  No red spots on her.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Stopped by a church rummage sale on Saturday before work and I spent $3.

 $1 vintage hat 

 75 cent vase, it's about 5" tall and has no markings.

 25 cent Mar-Crest sugar bowl. The basic black slip was $1. Yeah, to second hand.

Spent a great deal of Saturday afternoon working on this

 Figuring out how to sewing the trim onto stretchy fabric. I used pinkish thread and sewed through the flowers, then switched to green and sewed all the leaves, one at a time. The was after I cut all the extra net away. The finished costume will be awesome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Yeah, I got the uploading to work!!!!!

It's she a lady? The red spot is velvet and there are a couple more hidden in the skirt folds.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Hands up if you love to rummage through a thrift store!! Here's what I found in Charlotte over Labor Day Weekend.

A vintage tie and a cute 1/2 price swimsuit that fits. I haven't owned a swimsuit in 20 years. Seems pointless as I don't know how to swim, but for $2.25 it would have been rude to leave it.

A pretty scarf that is really red not orange.

A bag of vintage trim. Ball fringe, tassels and beads oh my!

Wonder who W. J. K. was? It's a little beat up but at $2.12 who's gonna complain?

Orange sweater with metallic yarn. This is a good example of why I buy  by fit not size. This sweater is a size 22/24. I usually wear an 18. Don't let sizing drive you crazy.

today's outfit : new skirt from Nordstrom's Rack $16. Thrifted Anne Taylor cardigan 50cents.

Awesome bag: won from Hollie Ramsey's giveaway

Jewelry: pocket watch necklace and spider under glass necklace are from Hot Topic. Silver earrings are from who knows, the moonstones are from The Doctor and the fake Greek eyes are from Michael's

Tiny pomegranate on my tiny pomegranate tree 

Found lamp base w/$3 shade.

BFF found the lamp base next to the dumpster at her condo and the shade was $3 at Goodwill. The lamp works.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last weekend was a three day weekend, so, of course we went to visit our friend in South Carolina. Last time I went to visit in July we had a classic movie night. That time the movie was Rosemary's Baby, this time it was Desperately Seeking  Susan. Guess we've been in a New York state of mind. We also binge watched an amazing Netfilx show called Sense8, which you should check out.

Of course, we thrifted. Which will be another post. This post will be about the visit to the Mint Museum Uptown. We saw a special exhibit called Body Embellishment. I thought you'd enjoy seeing some of what was there......... 

Keith Herring inspired nail art. I could not function with nails that long.

Nor could I wear this piece, but wouldn't that look awesome with a Renn Faire costume?

This ring was made from knitted nylon.

You'll never guess that this neckpiece started out as.*

4,000 knitted nylon balls.

Terry cloth tongues with beaded spit

The full name is Craft and Design Museum. Here are a couple of pieces I really liked.

Yarn wrapped animals

I love how the light shines through and makes the shadows.

What's a design museum with out some clothes? From the old fashion to the hyper modern

Beautiful House of Worth cape.

1920's flapper dress

Hyper modern dress made with a 3D printer. It was difficult to photograph the dresses. This is the only one that was worth keeping. It is made out of plastic and doesn't look very easy to wear.

*Give up on what the neckpiece is made of? German yogurt containers.

Seeing as last work week was only 4 days, I had to work extra fast. I made 3 coats in one afternoon. Well, I made them to the point they could be fitted. Now on to finishing all the fitted costumes and see what new stuff I'll get to make. Of course, photos will happen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My problem with uploading photos to the blog continues. I think i just need to sit down and fuss with it.

For now, enjoy this rather odd young lady. Part of her hair is plastic and part is yarn. "Whatever" she seems to be saying.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Well that was a fun way to get this photo to appear. Windows 10 on my new laptop doesn't want me to have photos on my blog. I've been trying all morning to load this photo, with no luck. I sent it to the Doctor and am using his Mac. Let's hope I can figure out what's wrong. Any suggestions would be helpful.

On to the doll.......

She's from the 1960' says so on her back. And she has a hidden talent.....she moves! After all those decades, she still moves. Maybe it's dancing or just shaking . It's pretty cool. Too bad that video also won't load. Boo hoo.