Sunday, November 29, 2015


It's a beautiful day, perfect to go outside and take photos.

Hello, long time since my face was on my own blog. Getting my BoHo on, or something. Ancient (15 years or so) Lane Bryant skirt, thrifted Cato shrug, teal camisole from Nordstrom (it was $4.99!!!!!!!!) arm load of fake cinnabar bracelets (from my BFF)  the "gold" pin is from the last auction win.

Artsy Fartsy Warning: Creative Mode

Hmm, purple?

Strange browns. That's Armi the Armadillo. (The Doctor was born in Texas after all)

Horror movie black and white?

 Back to normal.

I like this one, too bad my eyes are closed. The boots are from last year and are still in good shape. I got them at Payless Shoes, which is a cheap shoe store. I was surprised at how comfortable they are.

This weekend was Thanksgiving. We stayed home and I didn't make turkey. It's a bit much for 2 people. I made game hens with lemon, sumac and zatar, mashed potatoes w/gravy, dressing and cranberries.  Yum!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Awe, first day of Thanksgiving break.  Five days to do whatever I want. To bad I didn't think to plan a short away vacation.

Here's this week lovely lady. She's just painted plastic but I think she beautiful. There's so much detail on her outfit! 

Peace out everyone.

(step away from the table)

PS: resist Black Friday, stay home and enjoy your families.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


What my dinner room looked like last Friday

Books everywhere. It looked like this until last night. It was driving me nuts.

My project was painting these bookcases. I bought them at an auction years ago, and thought they needed some sprucing up. The weather was warm enough to paint outside. Yes, I use a canvas drop cloth, the plastic ones are crap. With canvas the paint dries and you don't  step in it and drag it into the house.

I chose a color called Electric Orange. Which I think looks great next to the periwinkle walls.

The finished look. The second one is in the other room and looks pretty much the same (I forgot to take a photo).

Last week was nuts. The root canal went well, then I got a 24hours bug, got over that, started moving all the costume stock to the new storage site, finally finished the dance concert's laundry and did a project. We're still getting the new storage organized. It's crazy to see it all in one room. It looks like the back room of the best thrift store in town. We'll be there today, too.

Thanksgiving Break starts tomorrow, yeah! Oh, it's finally gotten fall like, maybe I'll stop thing it's still September.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


A tiny doll. She looks like she's about to hug someone.

The person who took the photos for the dance concert will have them ready shorty. To tide you all over til then, here's the costumes from "Fire and Rain" hanging up after being washed.  All 19 of them

Sunday, November 15, 2015

60? WTF?

I'll get to that.

 Here's the costume plot i made for the dance I designed. I've never done that before. On the left are the names of the dancers, across the top are the sections for the parts of the dance, and the filed in spaces are who's on stage and what they wear. The 2 rows that are filled in are the last parts of the first movement, the rest of the rows are the 2 students movements. Second movement is a modern piece and the third is hip hop. It was crazy getting all the changes to work. There's almost 70 costumes.

On Friday we did have time to have some fun. I used the "creative shot" setting on my camera.

 2 of my student helpers: Carrie and Christie Jo.

 "We're done, right?"

 What they're thinking when I told them it was time to sort men's shoes.

About that birthday..... how did I get so old? Geez.

My BFF sent me some jewelry. Because I need all the jewelry in the world.....BWAHAHA.

 The coolest Day of the Dead/Frida/Buddah mash up ever.

 This beautiful scarf/shawl in my favorite colors.

My other friend, Mary-Alice (aka Malice) always does Birthday/Christmas/Birthday. She sends the Doctor a surf t-shirt and me, cool stuff.

 Buddah in a frame and crazy cats. Mr Scooty wants a scooter now.

The doctor went total nerd.

 Game of freaking Thrones Christmas ornaments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without a shopping trip.

 The $5 pile from the charity flea market.

 Used the birthday coupon from DSW to get new sandals for summer. Also went to Sephora and got the VIB birthday gift. (I always sign up for the free programs that stores have). Lunch happened, it was a toss up between tacos and b-b-q.....tacos won.

 To honor the attacks in Paris, I wore this all day and nobody noticed. Guess the USA is too interested in all the football yesterday to pay attention to what's happening in the world. My thoughts are with you France.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Been saving this one from last years birthday dinner.

 It's a pretty bad photo, those are the ceiling lights . Sorry about that. The dolls are dressed up like the wait staff at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe (yeah, like The Clash song) in Oakland, CA.  I do believe the one with the silver arms is R2 D2.  The display goes around the restaurant, up near the ceiling. Probably a couple 100.  

PS: the food was really good.

After lunch, I'm off the work to finish the 30th Anniversary dance concert. Our long time (30 years) dance area head is retiring in the Spring.  Seeing as I've worked with him for 20+ of those 30 years, I was in charge of the grand finale number. Hope the photo are good.  Of course, I'll be posting them later.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


So much for swearing off auctions. When I looked at the on-line catalog and saw 200 (!) lots of jewelry, well, how could I not? I ended up winning 3.

 The bracelet on the left is acorns and the earrings sort of match. 

 5 pair of earrings and a Christmas pin.

 Beaded collar/choker and bee pin.

 Matching set: earrings and bracelet, just beads. 

 Crazy beaded necklace, which I wore the other day.

 2 matching sets. Shells and beads.

 Rhinestone pin and earrings.

 A bunch of "gold". Haha, the leaf pin is Miriem Haskell.

 BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big one on the right is from a company called Jewelry 10, and their big pieces start at $125!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The coolest pieces ever: tiny table pins, with coffee!

 All that for about $70. The local auction house only does on-line now. I really enjoy sitting at an auction watching the action and listening to the auctioneer. But on-line is a whole lot easier. Does anyone go to auctions?

Jury duty update: got a letter yesterday telling me not to show up as the process was canceled. Good thing we still have Saturday mail or I would have gotten up early and had to turn around and come back home. Now I can go to work and finish the dance concert.  Sometime I'll have photos. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hello, everyone.

Here's a pretty lady. There's a label on the bottom on her stand that says  "Maria Clara".  I don't have any other information.

 Are you enjoying Autumn? I'm not enjoying the continuing summer like weather. It's almost like  we skipped over Autumn and Winter and went straight back to Spring. 

Part of the front garden from yesterday. 

Freaking out plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


About a week ago our last play closed. It was The Women of Lockerbie, which is about the plane being blown up and crashing on Lockerbie, Scotland. That sound like a total downer of a subject, but it's a very beautiful play. You feel the pain of the family and the people on the ground. It's timely now, seeing as another plane just crashed under mysterious circumstances. Here's a photo from the show, which was taken by Dean Pooling. 

I'm playing around with my new camera. The moon was full the other night.

It came with a selfie stick. Hello!

And can take special effect photos.

One click and 6 photos happen. I liked these best.

And a cat photo.

Last year at this time I was getting ready for a trip to California. This year it's the 30th Anniversary dance concert, jury duty and a root canal. Oh yeah and a birthday.