Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Happy rainy Wednesday to you!

Not a clue as to were this fellow is from. Perhaps The Balkans? I've never understood why these souvenir  dolls have eyes that close. Just to add to the creepy factor?



Monday, April 27, 2015


Because I'm so busy or a slacker.

 This shows runs through May 4th. Some of these photos are mine and some are from Julie Bowland the gallery director. There was a lot of people in the gallery and it was difficult to take pictures of the art. Here are some of the ones I really liked.

 Art by Amber Hudson, photo by Julie

 Art by Shauni Redfearn, photo by Julie. I love Shauni's art.

 Not sure of the artist, photo by Julie

 Back view of Shauni Redfearn's piece, photo by Julie.

 Another of Shauni's pieces, photo by me.

 By Amber Hudson, my photo.

 Huge piece in the hallway. Don't know who did this one. My photo.

 From the front. My photo. Some of the crowd in the background. It's great to see how much support the art students get from the university, parents and the community. There are over 90 pieces in the show. Everything from paintings, pottery, jewelry, video art, you name it, it's in the show. Now that said, only about 30 pieces were for sale. This seems to happen at all the student shows. They don't want to sell the best pieces. One of the things that makes you an artist, is selling your work. I guess they'll get over that.

This past weekend, I went to 2 Senior Showcases for the theatre and dance students. Seven dances on Saturday night , all from student choreographers. All wonderful. And Sunday afternoon was the Musical Theatre kids, 9 graduating Seniors. Who know this small university had so many talented kids? I have no photos, but take it from me, it was awesome.

Have a Star Trek drink one me, until next time

Thursday, April 23, 2015



Bella Q over at Citizen Rosebud posted a photo of a souvenir plate that she's selling. I mentioned how much I love them. She told me to post about them, so this is her fault.....haha.


 Let's start with my hometown, San Francisco. "Ding, ding" cable cars, Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge. All on a tiny plate.  I'll throw in the missions for fun.

 Ah, yes, what better way to honor the 50th state. A vintage ash tray. I know, not a plate, but it's cool.

 I can relate to the lousy apartment plate. When is a home really mobile? When you can tow it behind your truck.

 Been here, had the plate forever.

 Never been here, but Harrod's is on the lower left.

 Oh, Canada! Interesting that 2 of the countries don't exist anymore and 4 got lumped under on name.

 The Grand Canyon

 The back of the Grand Canyon

 I've been here, too. Twice. Yeah, it rained both times.

 Welcome to New Zealand! Before The Hobbits.

 Hearst Castle and Mesa Verde

 I wonder if this is still here?

 A saucer, which has lost it's cup. Hand painted.

 The hometown again........

 with mime's or people having a bad acid trip.

 Texas theme parks.

Last but not least Sacto!

Well, last isn't really true. I have lots more, but that's enough!

Went to the Senior Art Show last Sunday, look for that upcoming post soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



You'd think I was busy or something with my slacking on posting. No, just haven't been feeling it.  I do have a couple of ideas rolling around my brain. 

Here's a lady from Guatemala. That's what the tag on her foot says.

I would have guessed South America. Her skirt and wrap are rough wool and she has a baby on her back. Not sure what the blue square she's holding is. It's a blue square. And I think she had shoes at some point. 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


That's a big braid you have there, lady.

Painted wooden doll with a braid or a loaf of challeh. (hope that's spelled right). I'm thinking Russian Christmas princess. Fun fact: my second biggest page views are from Russia. Can't figure out why, but welcome Russians!

Monday, April 13, 2015



I sometimes think the answer to that is "Nothing". Not true. 


 In the past 2 months, I've read these books. 8, but the Game of Thrones ones are so long ( over 1,000 pages each) do they count as 10 books? The one with the glare should read; City of Dark Magic. Maybe I'll re-read The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings next. Haven't read that since high school.

 Got a new driveway on Saturday. Also on Saturday we were driving around the country side and found a thrift store out in the middle of nowhere, it was doing a booming business.

 Found this giant-size table cloth. That's The Doctor's head. It had some staining, which mostly came out, but for $2, I couldn't let it sit there. It's a map of German castles.

 Another green planter. Another $2. Yes, I may have a problem with green planters, but I use them.

 Today was take the plaid to the dry cleaning day. It happens every 2 years. From left to right: vintage jacket: AKA The Horse Blanket, vintage not a shirt/not a jacket, probably vintage by now black watch shirt, the rest are pretty newish. The Doctor loves his plaid.

Who loves free stuff? I was at a charity shop that gave the costume shop some vintage awhile ago, the volunteer recognized me and said she'd been tiring to get hold of the shop, because she had a bag of vintage to donate. I told her that I don't work there anymore and she said look through the bag and take what I want.

 Awesome maxi-skirt. If it fit I'd wear it.

 Beautiful coat with a fur collar. There were other pieces that the shop would be able the use, and besides I didn't want to be greedy.

More stuff that I found awhile ago ( to busy reading Game of Thrones to post, haha). Cinderella shoes, which I don't think are vintage and a groovy tie.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015



Another tiny visitor from my sister-in-law's collection.


She's standing on top of the heater regulator, that's how tiny she is. It seems that she's lost her arms and shoes, poor thing.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015



That is a not to0 subtle reference to what I did this Easter weekend. First off, my BFF came to visit. On Saturday, we Eased on Down The Road to the Fine Arts Building (AKA, FAB) to watch The Wiz. It was great to see all the kids in a show that I hadn't seen before-----and had nothing to do with. They did a wonderful job.

And spring was sprung!

 Here's The Doc standing  by his baby. He planted this Bottle Brush tree maybe 3 years ago. We brought it home in the back set of the car. He's 6'2", I'd call that a success!

 My new rose bush is blooming madly.Most of the other bushes survived the winter and are starting to bud.

 I don't know what these are, but they are pretty.

 The passion flower bloomed for Easter, some would call that a Revelation. I just happen to like passion flowers.

And I can't forget myself. New thrifted skirt, brand new tank top (for Nordstrom, $5) thrifted cardigan, old leggings, and old shoes. The cat sign was found in the trash on the way home from work years ago. It says "Spooky".

I didn't eat too much Easter candy, I swear. I've been doing Zumba for about a month and haven't pulled/strained anything or fallen over. If I could only tell my right for my left, I'd be better at it. It is fun and in 6 months I may be able to get through a workout without getting my arms and legs tangled up.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Wednesday? Already? Haven't been doing much of anything. Ok, I've been reading A Song Of Ice and Fire (AKA: A Games Of Thrones). Started book 5 last night. One of these days HBO will have the show on streaming for free and I'll watch it.  Until then, enjoy this very weird doll from my sister-in-laws collection

She couldn't remember where she got this or if she made it. Somethings are best forgotten.

Happy April Fool's Day! (no joke)